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Abomasnow @ leftovers
252spd 252spatk 4 hp

  • icebeam
  • substitute
  • leachseed
  • hp fire
    Snow warning
    I figured why not make it as fast and offensive as possible. I've seen this set in action and it can take out at least one poke and reduce the others hp to where another poke can take it out.

Mamoswine @ leftovers
252atk 252spd 4def

  • stealthrock
  • earthquake
  • icicle crach
  • stone edge
    Its a good poke for hail cuz of its ability and extremely high atk.

Starmie @ leftovers
252hp 252def 4spdef

  • rapid spin
  • whirlpool
  • thunderwave
  • recover
    Natural cure
    It's ment to cause problems and with max hp it does it quite nicely.

Walrein @ leftovers
248hp 252spdef 8def

  • blizzard
  • water pulse
  • protect
  • toxic
    It stalls the hell out of other pokes

Scarmory @ leftovers
252hp 252def 4 spd

  • drillpeck
  • roost
  • spikes
  • whilwind
    Its good for phasing you know?

Blissey @ leftovers
252def 252spatk 4hp

  • softboiled
  • fireblast
  • blizzard
  • toxic
    Its blissey
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Dat Fighting weakness...Also, what are you trying to accomplish with Blissey? It should be a support Pokemon, so drop either Fire Blast or Blizzard, and add another support move. Put the Special Attack EVs in HP, and Wish>Softboiled.
I want blissey to hit harder but I might give it aromatheropy. And max def scarmory can take physical fighting type moves as can the bulky starmie.
- Brave Bird over Drill Peck on Skamory.
- Whirlpool...? Starmie set: Recover, Rapid Spin, Scald, Psyshock, EVs: 252 HP, 252 Speed. It will outspeed Gengar, which is your main Rapid Spin threat.
- Blissey: special attack investment is useless. Invest in HP or Sp. Def instead.
- Walrein doesn't do much.
- Life Orb on Mamoswine, and Snow Cloak is banned in all tiers apart from Uber. Give it Thick Fat.
- Blizzard on Abomasnow instead of Ice Beam. Blizzard will be 100% anyway with hail.
How the heck is this original.
Lolz [xD] ^
I dislike the move brave bird and id like my mamoswine to stick around and life or keeps it from doing that. Starmie is verry original and whirl pool and hail suck to go up against. And abomasnow dont have blizzard cuz of tyranitar and sand sream. Abomasnow's blizzard would loose accuracy in that case. I realize my team has a fighting weakness but scarmory can handle them and so can the bulky starmie.

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Here i give more suggestion (just the pokemon moves):
-ice beam
-wood hammer
-leech seed

Mamoswine:(nothing suggested)

Starmie:(the sp.atk it's more so why not using more special moves?)
-ice beam

Walrein:(same as starmie more special attack)
-ice beam

Skarmory:(you said there is drill peck but,there is roost to.don't use roost when you want use flying moves)
-Drill peck
-Iron head
-Rock slide

Blissey:(higher special moves)
-Ice beam
-Psychic (deal more damage to those fighting pokemons)

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Rapid Spin is to spin away rocks, which Starmie is known very well for, so he needs that.
Okay it's up to ezz
You gave Blissey a fully Special set..*dies*
And he put for Psychic (deals damage to the Fighting Types). Almost every Fighting Type can come in and OHKO Blissey with a Physical Fighting Type Move...
Mach Punch, Blissey... bye bye. Just sayin. And Abomasnow does better with Blizzard.
If I predict right, blissey could deal a good bit of damage to a fighting type that switches in but I like my stally starmie, its original and has surprise value. But blissey must have softboiled or wish.
not really, blissley can't do much damage at all cept with sesmic toss. you can't ask for help then reject what we are saying.