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original sandstorm team, is it good?????

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hey yet again another team but its based off sandstorm. so its a sandstorm team.it includes terrakion, lucario, excadrill, tyranitar, swampert, metagross.... i havent battled with this team yet. but ive made most of the moves sets.
Terrakion @ Rock Gem
Ability: Justified
Nature: Lonely
EV: atk 252/spe 252/ hp 4

Stone Edge
Swords Dance
Sacred Sword

Tarrakion is the leader of the 3 sweepers on the team. i have sacred sword instead of close combat because it i don't lose defenses so it can really kick butt

Lucario @ Focus Sash
Ability: Steadfast
Nature: Brave
EV: atk 252/hp 4/ 252spdef

Ice Punch
Swords Dance

This is not a sweeper! it has swords dance for extremespeed and ice punch. it has low defenses for counter and its bulky on the spdef side. since her speed is low with brave and it has focus sash i use counter on the first turn will kill anything (except pokes with hp above 600)

Excadrill @ life orb
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Sand rush
EV: atk 252/ hp 88/ spe 84/ spdef 84

Stone Edge
Swords Dance
Iron Head

So this is one of my sweepers. it has amazing speed and even better with sand rush in sandstorm. it has iron head and equake for stab and great hp.

Tyranitar @ Leftovers
Ability: Sand Stream
Nature: Sassy
EV: 252 spdef/ 252 hp/ 4 Atk

Stealth Rocks
Thunder Wave

This moveset i made by my self. its a wall/ tank and my SRer. it plays a major role because of sand stream. pursuit is its only attack.

Swampert @ Lum Berry
Ability: Torrent
Nature: adamant
EV: 252 atk/252 def/ 4 hp/

Ice Punch

All out attacker but not a sweeper beacuse i have lum berry. this moveset on swampert is amazing and with those evs...... dang!!! it has sand storm for when the opponent changes the weather.

Metagross @ Choice Band
Nature: Brave
Ability: Clear Body
EVS: 252 atk/ 252 hp/ 4 spdef

Ice Punch
Zen Headbutt
Metor Mash

this set i didnt make but it really works. this is the last sweeper on the team

thanks for grading i really think this team would to good!!

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Excadrill is Ubers and this team wouldn't work well there.
well where?
This team wouldn't work well in Ubers - is what JMC is saying. Your team is an OU team with 1 Uber Pokemon on it, so you need to get rid of Excadrill or make this an Ubers team instead of OU. Also Excadrill cannot learn Stone Edge, it only has Rock Slide.
team is weak to Mach punch Inferno. And the sets are no good as well
ya i meant rock slide i guess... and really the sets arent good
Your team looks really good but watch out for the water or flying gym leaders they can really affect some of your team!
@ owlpokemon: thanks but i dont use this to battle gym leaders...

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