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It's my first time doing a team, and I'd really like some feedback on it. I'd like to keep the Pokemon I have now, unless I just made a horribly bad decision somewhere, or replacing Aipom for Taillow or something. I'd also like to fit some Screens in here somewhere, I couldn't figure out a place for them. Also, can someone add pictures? Thanks.

Careful Nature
Eviolite/Normal Gem
EVs: 170 At./140 Def./200 Sp. Def.

   Toxic Spikes
   Stealth Rocks
   Rapid Spin/Explosion

First off we have the spikes. Poison and extra damage is nice. Stealth Rocks is boss. Finally, we have either Rapid Spin or Explosion. Eviolite for Rapid Spin because you might be staying in for awhile, or Normal Gem for Explosion to be a jerk.

Jolly Nature
Life Orb
EVs: 185 HP/185 Def./140 At.

   Fake Out
   Brick Break
   Return/Fire Punch

Fake Out for flinch and STAB. Brick Break for coverage and screen breaking. Return for STAB or Fire Punch for coverage against Bronzor. U-Turn for retreating when you are done for.

Impish Nature
Focus Sash
Shed Skin
EVs: 170 HP/165 At./175 Sp. Def.

   Dragon Dance
   Iron Tail

Extremespeed-Quick Attack taken to the next level. D-Dance for stat-boosting. Iron Tail for coverage, even though it's a bit inaccurate. Outrage for destroying.

Rash or neutral Nature
Choice Scarf
Flame Body
EVs: 137 At./157 Sp. At./156 Def./60 Spd.

   Giga Drain
   Zen Headbutt
   Bug Bite

I'm running a mixed set on this little cutie! Flamethrower for reliable STAB, Giga Drain for coverage and healing, Zen Headbutt for coverage, and Bug Bite for STAB and gobbling up yummy berries!

Timid Nature
Natural Cure
EVs: 255 HP/200 Sp. At./55 Spd.

   Ice Beam
   Hydro Pump

Bolt-Beam for coverage, Hydro Pump for STAB, and Recover for healing.

Impish Nature
Oran Berry
Thick Fat
EVs: 25 Spd./25 At./10 Sp. Def./55 Def.

   Defense Curl
   Zen Headbutt
   Ice Punch

Curl up and raise that Defense! Zen Headbutt again for coverage, Return for STAB, and Ice Punch for coverage.

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You will need to include all relevant details, moves, items, abilities, natures and EVs, or it will never be rated.
sorry, i forgot natures and abilities and items and stuff
but i still need help with EVs
http://pokemondb.net/ev Read this, it should help.
cool, thanks!
Take a closer look at the page. Your EV spreads are terrible.
i told you i suck at EVs. i have no idea what i'm doing!
By that he means they don't work. EV spreads must be divisible by 4 so 155 EVs is not getting you any more than 152 would. Therefor you are wasting EVs that can be used in other stats. Though it doesn't apply so much for LC as you can almost never use all 508 usable EVs without some being wasted due to Lv 5 stats. What I suggest when making your next team or editing this team is looking on Smogon because they have perfect sets already there for you and it will help you understand EVs better.
okay, i fixed what i could without smogon
thanks in advance

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