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Current team members:

Ferrothorn @Rocky helmet
stealth rock
power whip
leech seed

Blastoise @(undecided)
Rapid spin
Ice beam
Dragon tail

Dragonite (DW) @Leftovers
Heal bell

Alakazam (DW) @Life Orb
Shadow ball
Focus blast
Hidden power (fire)

Terrakion @Choice scarf
Close combat
Stone edge

  • Ferrothorn is self explanatory. hard to take down & cripples sweepers.

  • Blastoise = my rapid spinner. can't have alakazam come out and get owned by spikes + stealth rock. I sided with Ice beam over Toxic, but if you have any suggestions, please post.

  • Dragonite is my cleric. I decided to go with flamethrower for the steel switch, but he's mainly here to cure alakazam & terrakion's status. Paralyze is something that has caused me many matches.

  • Alakazam is my sweeper. dont think theres much to say about him, he's pretty straight forward. Life orb + Magic guard.

  • Terrakion is my revenge killer. I figured I might as well make my revenge killer a physical attacker and terrakion is perfect for it.

As you can see, I'm missing one team member and I can't decide which one to use.. so help me out :) Also I have leftovers on dragonite, so I have no idea what to give my Blastoise. If you think Blastoise can utilize leftovers better than DW Dragonite, let me know what to give Dragonite.

Now that I think about it, starmie might be a better option for a rapid spinner. it can do more damage, and thanks to it's speed it can pull off rapid spin first (in most encounters) Not sure, though.. let me know.

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Magic Gaurd protects Alakazam from hazards.
I knew I should of read more on the wiki lol. I just skimmed it. but that's awesome, now I'll rethink my blastoise. what about the last one? got any suggestions?
I'll get back to you on that, but you're gonna want a Dragon Dance set on Dnite.
you're using dragonite as support...
A spin blocker perhaps to keep your hazards and seeds? Or perhaps another hazard setter. (Or both with froslass)
Drapion @black sludge
Night slash
Ice fang
Cross poison
Brick break/toxic spikes

Use brick break if you need attacks or toxic spikes if you want him to set up traps. Also get Outrage on Dragonite.

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