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Ability: serene graces
Evs: sorry, I don't know enough about Evs and stuff, so please don't flag me for that!
Item: mind plate
Charge beam( to up sp.attack)
Relic song( to change forme)
Psychic( s.t.a.b and damage increase from mind plate)
Close combat( for pirouette forme)

Kyreum( black)
Ability: teravolt
Evs: still don't know a lot, won't list evs for rest of the list, sorry!
Item: dragon fang
Fusion bolt
Freeze shock( signature move)
Dragon pulse( s.t.a.b + damage increase from dragon fang)
Iron head

Ability: inner focus
No items
Dragon pulse
Dig/extreme speed( can't decide wich to keep!)
Close combat
Aura sphere

Ability: torrent
No items
Dragon tail
Hydro pump
Hydro cannon
Megahorn( type coverage)

Ability: flash fire
No items
Lava plume
Earth power
Iron head
Fire blast

Ability: levitate
Item: soul dew
Draco meteor( last resort)
Luster purge( special move+s.t.a.b)

Please give feedback, my friend says my team is horrible, but I disagree. Please comment and again: please don't flag me for not listing Evs, I don't know anything about them! Thank you!

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Since you don't know about EVs, you can add roles to each pokemon (wall, sweeper, cleric, etc.), or you can learn about EVs, which I strongly encourage. EV training can be tedious but it will make you a much better battler, and will give you a significant advantage over any freinds of your who don't use EVs.

The following link is how I learned about EVs, and it is very informative and detailed. http://pokemondb.net/ev
Thank you redshift! I still don't really get the whole idea about Evs, but I'll give the role thing a try next time.

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