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Samurot( male)
Role: sweeper
Nature: bashful
No item
Dragon tail
Megahorn/ superpower, I can't decide wich one to pick...
Hydro pump
Hydro cannon

Wich one should I replace for superpower, megahorn or dragon tail? Or should I not teach it superpower at all? Please rate!

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Hydro pump and hydro cannon are basically the same, but hydro cannon is stronger. That is the only difference between the two attacks. Superpower is good for defending against normal type pokemon, and megahorn is good for the grass type pokemon. I suggest you get rid of hydro pump and get both megahorn and superpower.
Thanks! But wich move should I forget: dragon tail or hydro pump?
He's saying go for:
Dragon Tail
Hydro Cannon
Irrational Sweeping set. With -6 Priority move (Dragon Tail) and a Cool Down move (Hydro Cannon) make it vulnerable to a KO before it get a chance to do anything.

A Sweeper is supposed score KOes while taking as least Damage as possible, so I would suggest running Aqua Jet / Hydro Pump / Ice Beam / Superpower, but there are better sets. I've never used him, so I wouldn't have the best suggestions.
If you want to max samurotts sweepiness try swords dance
Item:life orb
Swords dance
Aqua jet
never have super power if you want a fighting type move add revenge.

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I would recommend

Name: Samurott
Nature: Adamant
Trait: Torrent
Item: Life orb
EV: 252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spe


  • Sword Dance
  • Waterfall
  • Aqua Jet
  • Megahorn

Hope I helped and good luck:D

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i agree with j1309
DB I was about to post that move set :(
lol, geo, I posted this moveset when I first joined the site 4 months ago