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the ultimate classic team

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enter image description here


nature: lonely
evs: 252 def, 252 sp def, 4 hp.

  • baton pass
  • flame charge
  • work up
  • double team

enter image description here


nature: modest
evs: 252 spd, 252 sp atk, 4 hp.

  • calm mind
  • roost
  • dark pulse
  • icy wind

enter image description here


nature: timid
evs: 252 atk, 252 def, 4 hp.

  • iron tail
  • stone edge
  • dragon claw
  • earthquake

enter image description here


nature: hasty
evs: 252 atk, 252 hp, 4 spd.

  • hypnosis
  • drain punch
  • thunder punch
  • fire punch

enter image description here


nature: adament
evs: 252 atk, 252 def, 4 hp.

  • skull bash
  • ice punch
  • aqua tail
  • zen headbutt

enter image description here


nature: brave
evs: 252 atk, 252 hp, 4 def.

  • swords dance
  • strength
  • seed bomb
  • shadow claw

most likely not the best team, so i will highly take suggestions. for those who are wondering what this team is used for......... everything.

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I would get rid of Strengh on Ursaring, and put more Speed investment on Hypno. Other than that, good team.
Facade > Strength on Ursaring, and 252 Speed EVs instead of HP. You're also missing hold items and abilities. Also what tier is this? Blastoise is UU, so it needs to be at least that, but everything else is NU with the exception of Aggron.
Timid isn't the way to go on aggron. Try adamant (boosts attack , lowers special attack). Throw abilities on here too, and maybe run psychic over thunder punch for stab on hypno.
You dont put a special move on a physical attacker @Brotad
Then why not zenheadbutt? And the hasty nature? Unless Hypnos going mixed its pointless. If he's going physical jolly is the way to go
cause blastiose has it. hypno covers the team, not himself. drain punch covers rock on flareon and murkrow, thunder punch covers water for aggron, and fire punch covers grass for blastiose.
if you ask me.i don't know answer but i like the pictures of pokemons in your team XD

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