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[email protected] orb
ability: regenerator
252 atk ev's 252 spd. ev's 4 hp ev's
high jump kick
Stone edge

This is the third edit. Sorry for all the mistakes. The decision is final, I will keep the payback but not the acrobatics.

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it doesn't learn aura sphere till lv. 70 and i dont recommend a special move on mienshao since it's a waist of it's huge attack stat. U-turn is good, so i would replace aura sphere with jump kick, hi jump kick , or drain punch. Payback is a little unreliable so i would replace that with fake out or rock slide. adamant is a good ature, but jolly is handy for a speedy mienshao, but it's still okay thoigh. U have yourself a pretty good in-game mienshao :)

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I hope you dont mind if I answer, Im halfway done writing it.
i am very sorry for the aura sphere malfunction, i didn't realize it was a special attack,sorry
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So Mienshao doesn't have the best special attack. So Aura Sphere isn't a very good move.

A personal favorite of mine is Hi Jump Kick. Nice Power and even with it's drawback it's still good with Mienshao's ability.

Payback also isn't a great move because chances are you won't get the boost from moving last.

So here is my suggested set,

Mienshao @ Expert Belt (So that you can Hi Jump Kick and then U-Turn)
Trait: Regenerator
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP

Jolly Nature (Adamant also works but Jolly boosts speed)
- Fake Out (For lead and some free damage)
- Bounce > Acrobatics because you wont be losing your item
- U-Turn
- Hi Jump Kick

I hope that works for you, it's one of my favorite Mienshao sets to run.

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actually, i already though of the payback drawback i did not care, it was designed for ghost pokemon shauntal throws on me to multiply into 2 because of supereffectiveness
Yeah, but Mienshao doesnt work well for hitting Shauntal. I would use your other pokemon for that.
k, but why expert belt? it only ups the power of super effective moves, you could have instead a life orb, for 30 percent upgrade, for ALL attacks, for the cost of 10 percent of your hp, which can easily be healed by regenerator (come to think of it though, maybe i could replace the choice scarf with life orb)
Thats a very good idea. Ingame the life orb is a little more difficult to get, but if you are ok with putting in time to get it it will work quite well. Nice Idea
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I use the fighting weasel a lot, so I'll just post the set I found works best.

Mienshao @ Life Orb
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Nature: Adamant/ Jolly
- Fake Out
- Hi-Jump Kick
- Stone Edge/ Rock Slide
- U-Turn

Stone Edge or Rock Slide; high power or better accuracy, your choice.

Drain Punch is not needed because of Regenerator, and any damage from Hi-Jump Kick is mostly healed off by the ability as well.

No need for a dark move because Mienshao is too frail. It's best dark move to cover Psychic and Ghost is Payback, at a measly 50. If it takes a hit, it's likely to be KO'd. Remedy? Switch out for a dark type if you're faster by using U-Turn, or just do so without using a move.

Acrobatics doesn't cover anything on Mienshao... it'd be far better off using a STAB Hi-Jump Kick on grass types and a rock move covers Bug types.

This set makes Mienshao pretty much a one trick pony, but it's okay because this trick is something it does very well.

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First of all, the set I made was made for the elite four, that is why I had acrobatics in his arsenal. Second, your set is for the post game. So, I will be not changing my payback, but change my acrobatics with stone edge. Tnx for the stone edge advice, and fake out Isn't really what I was looking for, sorry.
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