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![enter image description here][1]
[email protected] berry nature docile
10 special defence evs
flash cannon
signal beam

![enter image description here][2]
[email protected] berry nature calm
no evs

hydro pump

![enter image description here][3]
[email protected] berry
got it from trade so no evs nature sassy

stone edge
dragon claw
dragon rush
[1]: http://img.pokemondb.net/sprites/black-white/anim/normal/magnezone.gif
[2]: http://img.pokemondb.net/sprites/black-white/anim/normal/rotom-wash.gif
[3]: http://img.pokemondb.net/sprites/black-white/anim/normal/garchomp-f.gif

I have won lots of times with this team

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Please include EVs, natures and abilities.
really good team :D
please can someone answer?
please answer
Mold breaker Haxorus can sweep this easy so watch out for drayden (if he has it)
i beat the unova gym leaders

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Sorry but it isn't a great team. use:

Magnezone @ Electric gem: MODEST Sturdy

  • Rain Dance (really helpful, weaken fire attacks and up Thunder's accurcy)
  • Flash cannon ( STAB )
  • Thunder ( STAB )
  • Volt switch ( Usable to scout )

Rotom Wash @ Water gem: MODEST Levitate

  • Thunder ( STAB )
  • Hydro pump ( STAB )
  • Hex ( powered up by Will - O - wisp )
  • Will - O - Wisp ( Power up Hex and burn physical sweepers )

Garchomp @ Dragon gem: NAIVE Sand veil

  • Dragon rush ( STAB )
  • Surf ( Powered up by Rain dance )
  • Earthquake ( STAB )
  • Rock slide ( To flinch )

It is better :)

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Surf+Jolly? Naive/Hasty is better.
And Garchomp isnt worthy of special moves. give him a physical move instead.
Oh yeah I almost forgot :/
Sorry, play it naive/hasty, it doesn't really matter but I prefer Naive.
This isn't a bad answer, but it isn't that good ya know Save BA until someone who actually deserves it comes along.
will-o-wisp then hex does less than 2 shadow balls run Shadow ball instead. Also nobody really cares that rock slide flinches its for coverage.
Yeah but after this hex will be better;
Rotom use Will - O - Wisp and then take something. It uses Hex so 150 of power STAB with burn I see better. Andthen he continues to do Hex until his foe dies.
In a hex situation
-uses will-o-wisp
-hex 100 base power (rotom-w loses ghost typing remember?)
-hex 100 base power
Total 200 base power
-shadow ball 80
-shadow ball 80
-shadow ball 80
Total 240
I'm fairly certain 240 is larger than 200
Oh yeah it loses the STAB, how did I forgot ?
Shadow ball is better unless you need to use more than 5 of them
t=total base power x=total number of turns
Hex combo
shadow ball
unless x>5 shadow ball is better