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Ferrothorn----252Hp + 252 4SpD EVs ----Ability: Iron barbs---- Nature: Impish---- Item Leftovers
~Power whip
~Leech seed

Heatran---- 248HP + 252SpD 10Spe EVs----Ability:Flash Fire----Nature: Calm---- Item: Leftovers
~Lava plume
~Stealth rock

Jolteon---- 252SpA + 252Spe 4Def EVs---- Ability: Volt absorb----Nature: Timid---- Item: Leftovers
~Volt switch
~Signal beam
~Hidden power ice

Dragonite---- 252Atk + 252Spe 4SpD EVs----Ability:Multiscale----Nature: Adamant----Item: Lum berry
~Fire punch
~Dragon dance
~Extreme Speed

Scizor---- 248Hp + 252Atk 8SpD Evs----Ability: Technician----Nature:Adamant----Item: Choice band
~Bullet punch

Milotic---- 248Hp + 252Def 8Spe Evs----Ability: Marvel scale----Nature: Bold----Item: Leftovers
~Ice beam
~Dragon tail

Critique the pokemon themselves, but most importantly the relationship between the pokemon in my team and how well they work together.

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Hey welcome!!!!! Can you be a little more specific on the evs (with numbers). It looks pretty good
You have a huge weakness to special Landorus w/Rock Polish.
Watch out for opposing heatran that run offensive sets (often carry fire blast, earth power, hp ice
The 2 pokemon we list can be easily handeled by one. Mamoswine! (Mamoswine is a word so awesome it must be yelled).
You should use gyaradose (spelling?) Over milotic. It and jolteon are an amazing offensive core.
I would think that Outrage isn't that great a move to be stuck with on Dragonite. I could be wrong, but wouldn't Draco Meteor be a better option with Life Orb? I'm not 100% sure, so I hope it helps.

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