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Since Metagross is going to be my lead Pokemon his main priority will be to set up SR and then try do as much damage as possible. T

Metagross @ Occa Berry/Leftovers
Clear Body, Adamant Nature(+Atk, -SpA)
252 HP, 96 Atk, 160 SpD
1. Stealth Rock
2. Meteor Mash
3. Explosion
4. Earthquake

I personally prefer using the Occa Berry to halve Fire-type attacks, but Leftovers work very well too

Skarmory is one of my favorite physical walls as it has great Steel/Flying typing giving only two weaknesses: Fire and Electric. This will serve to set up Spikes if you want them and to use Whirlwind to get rid of enemy Pokemon who are looking to set up sweeps on you. If Metagross goes down access to Spikes will prove useful to have if you're trying to keep residual damage at max.

Skarmory @ Leftovers
Sturdy, Impish Nature(+Def, -SpA)
224 HP, 252 Def, 32 SpD
1. Spikes
2. Roost
3. Whirlwind
4. Brave Bird

This is Skarmory's most effective physical wall set and probably one of its older competitive sets in general. Nothing tricky or exciting going on here; avoid switching into Fire and Electric-type attacks and be very careful when playing against sun or rain teams as those weathers strengthen Fire and Electric-type attacks.

Blissey will have two sets for you to choose from: Softboiled or Wish. These two sets serve two completely different purposes even though they look like they won't. A well timed Wish will let you switch out to a sweeper or other teammate that is low and give it nearly a full heal. A Softboiled version of Blissey will let Blissey wall a little better, but it feels a little slow for what your team is going for.

Blissey @ Leftovers
Natural Cure, Calm Nature(+SpD, -Atk)
4 HP, 252 Def, 252 SpD
1. Softboiled
2. Armoatherapy
3. Seismic Toss/Flamethrower
4. Toxic

Blissey @ Leftovers
Natural Cure, Calm Nature(+SpD, -Atk)
4 HP, 252 Def, 252 SpD
1. Wish
2. Protect
3. Seismic Toss/Flamethrower
4. Toxic

These are the two Blissey sets and seeing which one is better will be up to how you feel about each one as you play. I think the Wish set will fit your team a little better, but access to Aromatherapy will help a lot if one of your sweepers gets paralyzed, burnt or toxic.

I take it this will be your physical sweeper. There two options here again as well: Choice Scarf or DDMence.
The first one is great for late game sweeping or revenge killing while the other set gives you a set up sweeper that once it has one or two DD's it will tear through most other Pokemon. I think the Choice Scarf set will work well with this team, but ultimately it will come down to how you feel about it.

Salamence @ Choice Scarf
Moxie, Naive/Jolly Nature
252 Atk, 4 SpA, 252 Spe
1. Outrage
2. Dragon Claw
3. Earthquake
4. Aqua Tail/Fire Blast

Salamence @ Lum Berry/Life Orb
Moxie, Naive/Jolly Nature
252 Atk, 4 SpA, 252 Spe
1. Dragon Dance
2. Dragon Claw/Outrage
3. Eathquake
4. Fire Blast/Hydro Pump

Gengar can run a lot of sets, but in the spirit of this team I suggest running the set with three attacks that way it can be as a effective as possible against as many types as possible. The best thing about Gengar is his speed. It's only out sped by a few Pokemon in the OU tier and it hits extremely hard. It's good to switch into when you know you will be taking a Fighting-type or Normal-type attack. It also serves the added purpose of blocking rapid spinners from taking out your entry hazards.

Gengar @ Black Sludge/Life Orb
Levitate, Timid Nature(+Spe, -Atk)
4 Def, 252 SpA, 252 Spe
1. Shadow Ball
2. Focus Blast
3. HP Fire
4. Protect/Substitute

This set is the main offensive three attack set for Gengar. It provides you with perfect coverage and powerful checks that make switching in on Gengar a rough choice for the other team. Protect and Substitute will come down to a personal choice you have to make on whether or not you think it fits better with your idea for Gengar. Just be careful about what you switch your Gengar into; you don't want to switch into a situation where your trapped between a super-effective Crunch or super-effective Pursuit.

Since this will be your mixed sweeper there are a few solid sets you could run with it. It's important to remember that since it is a mixed sweeper it most likely will not be able to out right sweep an entire opposing team. It's best used to quickly dispatch walls or stalls then bring your other sweepers. Infernape was probably the best mixed attacker in DPP so I figured it would work well on this team; however, I almost never use Infernape myself as I prefer to use Heatran if I need to do Fire-type damage.

Infernape @ Life Orb
Blaze, Naive/Hasty Nature
252 Atk, 4 SpA, 252 Spe
1. Overheat
2. Close Combat
3. U-Turn/Grass Knot
4. Stone Edge/Mach Punch

Infernape @ Choice Band
Blaze, Jolly/Adamant Nature
4 HP, 252 Atk. 252 Spe
1. Flare Blitz/Fire Punch
2. Close Combat
3. Stone Edge/Mach Punch
4. U-Turn

Whichever of these two sets you choose will largely depend on what you end up needing during testing this team. The first set is the standard Infernape mixed attacking set and serves the purpose of wall-breaking as you have none on your team aside from Infernape. The second set does that too, but it uses Choice Band to boost Infernape's attack stat. Choice Band works by locking you into the first attack you use, but it increases the power by 1.3x if I remember correctly. Once Infernape is switched out though, it will go back to being able to use any move it wants, but will be locked into that new move.


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