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Rate my team please

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I am trying a hail team for the battle subway.

The members are

#460 Abomasnow

Snow Warning
Blizzard, Protect, Leech Seed, Toxic
252 HP 200 Special Attack 56 Defense
Modest Nature

#471 Glaceon

Snow Cloak
Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Helping Hand/Substitute
252 Defense 252 Special Attack 4 Speed
Modest Nature

#260 Swampert

Earthquake, Ice Punch, Waterfall, Rock Slide/Hydro Cannon

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A snow team you want, right ?
I'll help you to improve this one:

Abomasnow is somewhat essential to such teams, because of the amazing ability Snow Warning to call an infinite Snowstorm. You will need it of course, what I suggest you is that:

Abomasnow @ Icy Rock:
Trait: Snow Warning
Nature: Brave
Personality: Mischievous
EVs: 170 attack / 170 sp.attack / 170 HP

  • Blizzard
  • Ice shard
  • Hail
  • Wood Hammer / Brick Break / E - Quake

I explain:

Blizzard is essential here, as you are using the Hail to boost the accuracy, and have a reliable 120 powerbase attack with STAB, going to 180.

Ice Shard isn't strong, but having a speed priority, become really dangerous. It can ruin any sweeper going with focus sash (like Salamence.)

Hail is here to win the weather war, if for example someone setup Sandstorm.

Wood Hammer is a STAB, but having Recoil damage. Brick break covers Steel and Rock weakness and breaks Reflect ans Substitute. Earthquake cover Fire weakness, but I doubt about Abomasnow's resistance to any fire type move, not ember, yet.

Glaceon ... I used to be "in love" with it, but now not as before. Glaceon is frail but dangerous to the foe if well used. But if for example Hippowdon setup a Sandstorm and kills Abomasnow, you block. This can't be tolerated, you need a pokemon that can be played in both Sandstorm and Hail, like Mamoswine.

Mamoswine @ Life orb:
Trait: Thick fat
Nature: Adamant
Personality: Like to fight
EVs: 252 attack / 200 HP / 56 speed

  • Ice Shard
  • Earhquake
  • Stone edge
  • Icicle crash / Return / Frustration

I explain:

Ice shard is a priority move, like for Abomasnow, but here, you can rely on it as it abusethe double STAB Ice shard/Earthquake.

Earthquake is the best STAB, and can abuse Sandstorms to get better in power.

Stone Edge is right to coverage on Fire that you will need, and can abuse, like E - quake, Sandstorms to boost up the power.

Icicle crash could be your second Ice type STAB to hit hard Garchomp or Salamence, while Return/Frustration could be both good attacks. I prefer return, but frustration is somewhat easier to max out power.

Swampert is a very nice idea with Snowstroms, as it gets Blizzard and can protect your team but you know it well, Swampert isn't fast enough, and you will have a team with no sweepers on it, just tanks taht will be erased by Solar beam and Fire blast from Typhlosion. I will go, and I've made spiritually this choice, with ... Infernape for having a sweeper that works on any field and with no probs, and who resit the Fire, your worse enemy, and the grass, another enemy for Mamoswine.

Infernape @ Focus Sash:
Trait: Blaze
Nature: Hasty / Naive
Personality: Likes to trash about
EVs: 200 attack / 200 sp.attack / 110 speed

  • Hidden power [Water]
  • E - quake
  • Flare blitz
  • Drain punch / Close combat

I explain:

Hidden power [Water] is usable with no probs in rain.

E - quake hit Fire hard, and in Sandtorms, abuse power.

Flare Blitz is reliant on sun as on Hail, and being 120 (180 STAB) basepower, you will hit very hard with it, when nicely handed.

Drain punch restores your HP, where Close Combat take the same profit as Flare Blitz in power. You choose, while I strongly recommend Drain punch.

I hope that I helped you, anyway. Next time, present your question clearly.

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Thanks, I will test both teams because I already have Glaceon and really want to use it.
Thanks anyways.
Hylian Pikachu, make sure you comment next time instead of posting an answer. Thanks!