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Is this a good Pokemon Team for PWT (SINGLE) World Tournament?

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I always lose but sometimes I win. Rate and feel free to comment!


Ability- Frisk

Attacks- Psychic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball and Trick Room

Item- Leftovers


Ability: Truant

Attacks: Earthquake, Giga Impact, Fire Punch and Counter

Item: Normal Gem


Ability: Sand Veil

Attacks: Dragon Rush, Dragon Claw, Earthquake and Slash

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Hey can you throw on natures and evs? See "advanced" for further info if needed
Yeah, maybe I should recommend for you anything, only if your questions are completes, please.
Ah, and Slaking is NU, Garchomp OU and Gothitelle BL (Borderline) referring to Smogon.
'I always lose but sometimes I win.'

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