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Leavanny (F) @ Grass Gem
Trait: Swarm
Role: Special Sweeper
Sassy Nature
- False Swipe
- Grass Knot
- Struggle Bug
- Energy Ball

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Leafeon (M) @ ????
Trait: Leaf Guard
Role: Mixed Sweeper
Hasty Nature
- Leaf Blade
- Swords Dance
- GrassWhistle
- Synthesis

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Tropius (M) @ Normal Gem
Trait: Solar Power
Role: Mixed Wall
Quiet Nature
- Magical Leaf
- Body Slam
- Synthesis
- Leaf Tornado

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Hoppip (F) @ Bug Gem
Trait: Leaf Guard
Role: Scout
Brave Nature
- Rage Powder
- Cotton Spore
- U-Turn
- Worry Seed

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Breloom (M) @ Fighting Gem
Trait: Technician
Role: Physical Sweeper
Impish Nature
- Sky Uppercut
- Mind Reader
- Seed Bomb
- DynamicPunch

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Sceptile (M) @ Dark Gem
Trait: Overgrow
Role: Physical Sweeper
Relaxed Nature
- Pursuit
- Quick Attack
- Agility
- Leaf Blade

Plz reccomend items for Leafeon

I also might change Hoppip`s Bug Gem to Eviolite.

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EV's and items please! :)
EVs are not needed if the Roles are Posted; they give a general idea of what The EVs are. But yes, Items would be nice.

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Ill Rate this later btw.
A pokemon with sunny day in this team would be very helpful. Leafeon and Tropius would both benefit from it with Synthesis. Also Grasswhistle should go, it has very low Acc. Maybe put Toxic on it if you want to stall a little bit. Also since Leafeon loses Grasswhistle you should put Spore on Breloom. Very few pokemon can learn that move so you should take advantage from it with 100% Acc.
lol... Hoppip

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Items: I don't understand why you gave everyone a Gem. Leavanny & Leafeon can benefit with Life Orb instead, Breloom maybe Focus Sash or Toxic Orb + Toxic Heal, Tropius a Harvest Sitrus Berry stall, and Hoppip... it shouldn't even be there. If Sceptile is holding a gem, it would benefit more by having Unburden as its ability.

Leavanny has a base 103 attack and access to Swords Dance, while only a base 70 sp. atk and no access to Nasty Plot. I think it's pretty clear that Leavanny should be a physical sweeper. False Swipe is also a move that never KO's your opponent, meaning it's a near useless competitive move.

Sorry, how is Leafeon a Mixed Sweeper? It only has one physical attacking move. Also, giving a Sweeper a 55% accurate move (Grasswhistle) is just asking for your opponent to have a free turn to set up on you/ KO you. Leaf Guard is also a useless ability. Use Chlorophyll instead.

Giving a 'wall' Solar Power is such a bad idea. If you face a Mono Fire team, you will almost undoubtedly face Ninetales, meaning Solar Power will sap 1/18 of your health each turn. Tropius also can't wall because of its poor typing.

Why are you using Hoppip? Why aren't you using Jumpluff if you want a scout? I can't see any form of gimmick that could benefit you using Hoppip in any way. Currently it's just on your team to faint.

So you gave Breloom Technician and no moves that made use of Technician. Mind Reader also only works with moves that don't take a turn to charge, which means if you're hit during the charge turn of Focus Punch, you'll flinch and it won't hit.

2 of Sceptile's moves are all too weak to make use of its attack. If you really wanted its speed to be higher, use Unburden Sceptile instead of Agility and give it a Gem so its speed will double when the gem is used. Sceptile also has a really good physical movepool (Acrobatics, Leaf Blade, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Drain Punch), along with Swords Dance to boost its attack. You really shouldn't be using moves like Quick Attack in competitive.

Essentially, your team are all weak to Poison, Fire, Flying and Ice. Breloom and Tropius are x1 against Bug because of their typing, but you have 2 quadruple weaknesses to Flying and Fire (Leavanny & Breloom, Hoppip (of all things) & Tropius).

I would make suggestions for team replacements, but I would reorganise your team to the extent of simply making you a new team, and that's not what RMT is about. I think you need to grasp competitive battling more thoroughly first.

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okay so first up!

false swipe is not actully useful as u need to KO other pokemon (if not in game then okay)
struggle bug is also not a very good attack choose bug buzz instead
grass knot is okay and energy ball is a must

why leaf guard if u have no sunny day on your team or a pokemon with drought.
grass whistle is not a good attack as its acc. is 55. give sunny day instead to give your team some help. chlorophyll as ability. synthesis , leaf blade and sword dance are fine.

he's fine but use choice specs if u use solar power as ability or choice scarfe if u choose chlorophyll as ability

use jumpluff instead if u want a scout as he is faster
rage powder is just not good if u are not doing a double battle choose energy ball instead and as item choice scarfe

technician and all those attacks?use bullet seed and mach punch and spore and mindreader is quite a good set

payback instead of pursuit
slam is better than quick attack
leaf blade is good
agility is okay

leafeon's item is grass gem

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if i have written anything wrong written please correct me :)