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any tips for my fighting type team

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im batling my friend tomorrow i need some tips on this team

![][1]Ability:Inner Focus
Nature:Jolly Item:Wise Glasses
Role:Special Sweeper
Aura Sphere
Close Combat
Dragon Pusle
Conkeldurr Ability:Sheer Force
Nature:Quirky Item:BrightPowder
Focus Punch
Double Team
Hitmonlee Ability:Limber
Nature:Gentle Item:Choice Scarf
Role:Pyhsical Sweeper
Fake Out
Hi jump Kick
Close Combat
Mega Kick
Breloom Ability:Posion Heal
Nature:Calm Item:Choice Band
Energy Ball
Seed Bomb
Force Palm
Blaziken Ability:Speed Boost
Nature:Adamant Item:Life Orb
Role Suicide Sweeper
Flare Blitz
Hi Jump Kick
Brave Bird
Infernape Ability :Blaze
Nature:Brave Item:Muscle Band
Role:Pyhsical Sweeper
Flare Blitz
Close Combat
Thunder Punch

[1]: http://<img src="http://media.pldh.net/pokemon/gen5/blackwhite_animated_front/448.gif" alt="Lucario" />

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Change the nature to timid or modest, jolly sucks for a special sweeper!
Also, change close combat to flash cannon, as a lowering defenses makes super effective priority moves dangerous, and a chance to lower spdef is awesome for as special sweeper.


if you want focus punch, use this moveset

Conkeldurr @ life orb
Trait: sheer force
nature: careful
Ev's: 252 atk / 128 def / 128 spdef
Focus punch
drain punch
Stone edge

Sheer force negates life orb's hp lowering, while still giving you higher attack power. Sub is for setting up focus punch, and with the Evs it can take a few hits. Drain punch is for recovering, and stone edge is for coverage.

If not, use this moveset

Conkeldurr @ flame orb
Trait: Guts
Nature: Brave
Ev's: 252 atk / 128 Hp / 128 sdef
hammer arm

Guts negates flame orb and gives more power, facade + flame orb + guts makes an epic combo for a base 210 attack! Payback + Brave nature + hammer arm lowered speed is awesome, and e-quake is for pesky electric and poison types that won't budge

try this moveset, It's better

Haxmonlee @ normal gem
trait: unburden
nature : adamant
Evs: 128 def / 252 atk / 128 spd
hi jump kick
fake out
rock slide
blaze kick

Blaze kick is for unsuspecting scizors , while fake out + unburden + nomal gem make an awesome speed boosting in combo as soon as you switch in! HJK is STAB, while rock slide is for haxing.


Change it for gallade or mienshao

Gallade @ choice scarf
Trait : steadfast
Nature : adamant
Evs: 252 atk / 252 spd / 4 def
Psycho cut
brick break
night slash

My critlade. psycho cut and night slash gets higher crit rate , STAB and coverage respectively, while brick break is for destroying walls and STAB, and thunderpunch is for coverage.

Mienshao @ focus sash
Trait: regenerator
Nature: jolly
Evs: 252 atk / 252 spd / 4 hp
Hi Jump Kick
stone edge
poison jab

U-turn + regenerator makes an awesome heal and coverage combo, HJK is STAB, Stone edge is coverage, and poison jab is for KOing grasses without switching.

If you really want breloom, use this

ParaHaxloom @ fist plate
Trait: technician
Nature: jolly
Rock slide
force palm
seed bomb
low sweep

Rock slide and seed bomb both hax, while force palm paralyzes, and low sweep reduces speed.
As you can see, this is totally a status breloom.

Seriously, Suicide sweeper? Emboar is much better at that..

Recommended moveset:
Blaziken @ leftovers
Trait : speed boost
nature: jolly
Evs: 252 atk / 128 hp / 128 spd
brave bird
blaze kick
shadow claw

protect stalls for speed boost to take effect, and blaze kick STAB, and shadow claw and brave bird for coverage


If you want a physical sweeper use this :

Infernape @ life orb
Trait: iron fist
nature: adamant
Evs: 252 atk /252 spd/ 4 HP
Fire punch
Mach Punch
Bulk up

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What? Hitmonlee is holding a Wide Lens...
It is supposed to boost his moves acc but it is not very useful with Unburden.
oops. changed it