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my friend and i are gonna have another mono battle again, any suggestions?

Porygon-Z @ fist plate
Trait: adaptability
Nature: Timid
Evs: 252 spatk / 252 spd / 4 hp
HP fighting
Tri attack
Dark pulse
Signal beam

HP fighting KO's other leads, while dark pulse and signal beam make a Haxfusion combo.

Blissey @ leftovers
Trait: natural cure
Nature: Modest
Evs: 252hp / 252 spatk / 4 spd
heal bell

flamethrower takes out forretresses , and the rest is pretty much self explanatory.

Usaring @ flame orb
Trait: Guts
Nature: adamant
Evs : 128 Hp / 128 atk / 126 def /126spdef
faint attack
brick break

Lickilicky @ iron ball
Trait: Own tempo
Nature: Brave
Evs: 252 atk / 128 spdef / 128 def
Brick break
Gyro ball
rock slide

Togekiss @ king's rock
Trait: Serene grace
Nature: Modest
Evs: 252 spatk / 128 def / 128 hp
Thunder wave
Water pulse
Air slash

We were allowed to choose one steel type pokemon

Forretress @ Quick claw
Trait: Sturdy
Nature: Careful (- spatk + spdef)
Evs: 252 spdef / 252 atk / 4 def
Stealth rock
Toxic spikes

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a little advice: if you are going to chose a steel, then get as much coverage over normal types.
So Cobalion or Lucario would do huge damage. Plus, likely take down the foes Steel type.
@trachy; Gen 4, no legends...Lucario only.
Also, change Ursaring´s Thrash to Facade since you are using Flame Orb
Okay then, Lucario would do huge damage.
forgot to add (no fighting types allowed)
Scizor w/ Brick Break?
I prefer Superpower on my Scizor.

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