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Electivire @ Expert Belt
Trait: Motor Drive
EV's: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Hp
Adamant Nature (+ Atk - SAtk)
- Earthquake
- Cross Chop
- IcePunch
- Thunderpunch

I'm going for a physical sweeper here, ice punch covers the only ground weakness, thunderpunch stab and with massive attack will do loads of damage, and the other two are high attack with coverage.

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Snorlax @ Leftovers
Trait: Thick Fat
EV's: 170 Atk / 126 Def / 56 Hp / 152 SDef
Adamant Nature (+ Atk - SAtk)
- Earthquake
- Curse
- Body Slam
- Zen headbutt

Snorlax is kind of a physical sweeper/tank, he uses curse which takes up 1/2 turns so he needs a decent defence to compensate, but still with a massive attack to clean up after

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Aggron @ Leftovers
Trait: Rock Head
EV's: 252 Atk / 152 Hp / 100 Def
- Earthquake
- Rock head
- Aerial Ace
- Aqua tail

Aggron works kinda like snorlax, he has a decent defence and he just sweeps the field, so kind of a tank aswell, aerial ace is there to cover the greatest fighting weakness and aqua tail for the ground weakness

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Blissey @Leftovers/Wide Lens
Trait: Serene Grace
EV's: 180 SAtk / 116 SDef / 156 Def / 56 Hp
Modest Nature (+ SAtk - Atk)
- Toxic
- Softboiled
- Charge Beam
- Shadow Ball

I use blissey as a healing wall a little bit, but also as a special attacker, charge beam always raises special attack with serene grace and shadow ball just does damage with coverage making her the anti-christ for ghost types

Now I wanted a special infernape because I'm lacking on special pokemon at the moment and was thinking of giving it nasty plot, grass knot and heatwave but i would really like your opinions on that.
Also I was going to havea glaceon/vaporeon because of the high defences and special attacks, my glaceon was going to know; wish ice beam, water pulse and possibly fake tears that way i can focus EV's not on special attack. Vaporeon would be pretty much the same, but with protect instead of fake tears and surf instead of water pulse.
All would have the relevant Ev's obviously, I'm not too sure about items either if people could throw some over, I don't really like being limited by choice specs I think it gives away the element of suprise and gives your opponent the edge, as switching in and out is a chore.

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Not so sure about ev I will skip that. Wow triple fighting weakness a double ground I d just start over once you attackers are done I s game over. Drought ninetails will burn you bad even if it get s koed burns will eat you. If you face landourse hammer arm e quake your done try a polywrath brick break waterfall belly drum filler holding a sitrus berry.your snorlax  just a like up there elafire same and maybe dustnior shawdow punch wil o wisp curse  shawdow sneek
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