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Arceus @ Shock plate- special sweeper
Evs-4 hp/ 252 sp attack/252 speed
Nature- modest(+sp attack,-attack)
Ability- multitype
- judgement- stab
- ice beam- covers only weakness& can freeze
- earth power- coverage
- flamethrower- coverage

Darkrai @ leftovers- sp. staller
EVs- 124 hp/4 sp attack/ 128 sp defence/252 speed
Nature- Hasty (+speed,-defence)
Ability- bad dreams
- Dark void- kicks in bad dreams & main stall
- dream eater- hp restore
- dark pulse- for insomniacs which are mostly ghost or
- ??? Need suggestions- maybe some status like swagger?

Rayquaza @ muscle band- mixed sweeper
EVs-128attack/ 128 sp attack/252 speed
Nature- lonely(+attack,-defence)
Ability- air lock
- dragon claw- covers up dragon,stab
- earthquake - coverage
- flamethrower- covers x4 weakness
- thunder bolt- coverage

Kyoger @ Chesto berry- sp tank
EVs- 128 hp/128 sp attack/252 sp defence
Nature- Calm(+sp defence,- attack)
Ability- drizzle 
- thunder- no miss & power up thanks to drizzle
- hydro pump- stab
- calm mind- power up
- rest- reliable recover with chesto berry

Groudon @ chesto berry- physical tank
EVs- 128 hp/128 attack/252 defence
Nature-impish(+defence,- sp attack)
Ability- drought
- earthquake- stab
- rockslide- coverage
- bulk up- power up
- rest- same as kyoger

Giratina @ muscle band- physical sweeper
EVs- 252 hp/128 attack/128 speed
Nature- adamant (+ attack,-sp attack)
Ability- levitate
- earthquake- coverage
- shadow force- stab
- rockslide- coverage for ice
- Dragon claw- stab

Any suggestions welcome.

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Darkrai: Filler should be Psychic for Fighting coverage.

Groudon: It needs the Fire Punch to cover Ice and Grass, lose the Rock Slide for it. By the way, you misspelled Kyogre's name.

Kyogre: Lose the Hydro Pump, its accuracy is unreliable. Give it Surf instead.

Rayquaza: Perfect.

Arceus: Perfect.

Giratina: Lose Shadow Force and give it Shadow Claw or another Ghost physical move that's better than Shadow Claw, because I am in a rush and I can't think of anything else. (I know it sounds dumb, but your opponent could easily switch into a Normal type or a Pokemon that resists it.)

Wow, this is my first battle subway answer in a long time. Hope this helps!

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your forgetting a ton of stuff :(
What do you mean he's forgetting stuff? All the reccomendations are there!
arceus needs timid for extra SWEEP
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okay good team but Arceus may want energy ball for ground waters like siesmtoad.

for darkrai try to cover dark types with focus blast (other dark types will be almost unscathed by your current moveset) . Or thunder/thunderbolt (thunder will have the rain boost)to kill an insomnia Honchkrow because it's immune to sleep psychic attacks and dark pulse and focus blast does almost nothing to it. Also consider aerial ace to take out your only 2 weaknesses.

rayquaza could have jacked up power by switching some moves and playstyle.you need to switch to refresh rain and sun because rayquaza ruins them so why not switch flamethrower for overheat and dragon claw for outrage. switch if outrage confuses you or if you special attack is low (from overheat). but the specail attack subtraction may not matter if it's your only special attack. maybe take out thunderbolt for dragon dance to help with outrage and earthquake.

Kyogre (that's how you spell it) may want ice beam for grass types but otherwise he's good.

groundon needs overheat(or eruption you pick) and solar beam. get rid of rock slide and maybe rest he'll be super effective to all weaknesses.

shadow forces power is amazing but it is so easy to switch in a normal and make it fail.replace it with shadow claw and scope lens for critical hits. get rid of rock slide for aura sphere for darks and ices (it's super effective to both)also with this coverage your almost totally (if not completely totally) unresisted.


notes: i know about groundons low special attack that's why i chose overheat because his special attack can be lowered and he won't need to switch. Also i know honckrow isn't immune to dark pulse but it will not do a ton of damage. Honchkrow was an example that darkrai had weak spots that aren't hard to take advantage of (i doubt you'll see him in ubers). On the Kyorgre issue... i have no idea you lose calm mind or rest and both are great .... but you said it was a special tank so max hp EV's and give it leftovers.
now about shadow force there are WAY to many ways to make it a waste of your time and shadow claw has high critical hit rate. GIVE GIRITINA AURA SPHERE FOR DARKS EVEN IF YOU HAVE ADAMANT

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Insomnia Honchkrow is NOT IMMUNE to Dark Pulse. However, I think you meant Dark Void, and yes, he IS immune to that.
And the last time you saw somebody use Honchkrow in Uber was...? And really, Honchkrow is only used with Super Luck.
Groudon can use Fire Punch more effectively than Overheat/Eruption.
hey Fear Itself you are on smogon!!!!!!!! ARE you on serebii net to?
I am on Smogon, but I don't really care about Serebii. This really isn't the place to discuss it; come to the chat if you want to.
Lol, I've been using Moxie Krow since I made my first ubers team ( Months ago )