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I need help with a UU team

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Alright so I have a team that I realized has a huge problem with rock/ground/electric attacks and stuff. I know that my team is crap, to say the least. The only reason I have troubles changing pokemon in the team is simply because I usually win battles. Please I am a noob at building a team and help would be much appreciated.

Metang @ Eviolite (Lead)
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Clear Body
EV: 128 Def, 128 SpD, 248 Spd (the speed EV training has actually proven to be helpful sometimes)
Meteor Mash (Stab, or if I'm taunted)
Stealth Rocks

Cradily @ Leftovers
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Storm Drain
EV: 252 Def, 4 HP, 252 SpD
Hidden Power (water)

Galvantula @ Life Orb
Nature: Modest
Ability: Compound Eyes
EV: 4 HP, 252 SpA, 252 Spd
Energy Ball
Bug Buzz
Hidden Power (Ice)

Umbreon @ Leftovers
Nature: Impish
Ability: Synchronize
EV: 252 Def, 252 SpD, 4 Spd
Heal Bell

Moltres @ Choice Scarf
Nature: Modest
Ability: Pressure
EV: 252 SpA, 40 Def, 216 Spd
Air Slash (nice for flinching and some dmg)
Overheat (one shots most foes, weak to it or not)
U-turn (a free "Oh shoot" Button with stab dmg)
Will-O-Wisp (for walls mostly to get some dmg in)

Honchkrow @ Choice Specs (truely unique in my opinion and no one sees it coming)
Nature: Modest
Ability: Insomnia
EV: 252 SpA, 252 Spd, 4 HP
Hidden Power (fighting, for extra coverage)
Dark Pulse
Heat Wave (my favorite thing about Honchkrow :D)

Alright I know this team sucks :(
Can anyone help me fix it up and keep it in the UU tier? Thank you for your time :)

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dont use umbreon metagross works enough as a wall. switch out umbreom for vaporeon to cover that weakness to ground. possibly instead of hontchcrow use claydol to cover that electric weakness.

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