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Pokemon I'm using now:

Ability: Skill Link
Nature: Jolly
Item: Focus Sash
EVs: Hp 48 / Atk 252 / Spe 208

-Icicle Spear
-Rock Blast
-Shell Smash
-Razor Shell

Ability: Sheer Force
Nature: Timid
Item: Life Orb
EVs: Sp Atk 252 / Spe 252 / Def 4

-Earth Power

Pokemon I'm about to Train:

Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Jolly??? / Adamant???
Item: Choice Band
EVs: Atk 252 / Spe 252 / Hp 4

-Flare Blitz
-Close Combat
-Wild Charge

I just can't decide whether to run Jolly or Adamant on Arcanine. Please advise me on which to choose. Thank you.

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2 Answers

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This has good potential but a few evs that need tweaking.

Switch all of those evs in speed to defence. Cloister isn't that fast so boosting it will only get about 90 at most on level 50. Cloister is more of a wall/tank so switching shell smash to something that adds status might not be so bad, 180 base power isn't given to all pokemon you know. Switch it to spikes to set up.

Switch those attack evs to sp attack, unless you just made a typo..

Use either nature, they are both good for arcanine. Use morning sun though because you may want to get som hp with all that recoil...

Hope this helped:)

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Yeah, I meant Sp Atk on my Nidoking.  I just cant decide which nature to make arcanine, what wont it be able to outspeed with a jolly nature?
Maby just a few ubers pseudos, but other than that, almos nothing can outspeed that dog.
Should I run ExtremeSpeed or Crunch (for pesky ghosts)?
Sorry for commenting so much later but arcanine is fine with extreme speed. Wild charge & flare blitz can handle quite a few ghosts except maybe golurk.
Morning Sun on a Banded Arcanine? Fail. Also, with the Band, Jolly is best.
FEAR! Are you back?
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I think how you have cloyster is perfect for a Cloyster-Cleave. You power up cloyster with one shell smash and it can one shot almost anything with skill link and those attacks. That plus attack, speed, and special attack usually results in cloyster out speeding any threat that comes it's way. I have used it and battles and it is hard to use at times, but i have found it far more useful then hindering. If you do, however, not want to risk the chance of running into a situation where your cloyster can not do much for one reason or another, then how The-Sapphire-Shuckle told you to set up cloyster is a great way to wall many threats.

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