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Ability: Flamebody
Nature: Timid
Role Special sweeper
Fiery-dance: STAB
Quiver-dance: Boosting butterfly
Psychic: Coverage
Bug-buzz: STAB

[email protected]

Abilty: Overgrow
Nature: Brave
Role: Physical Tank
Earthquake: STAB
Curse: Tank Power!
Seed-bomb: STAB
Stone-edge: Coverage

[email protected]?

Ability: Serene HAX(grace)
Nature: Timid
Role: Paraflinch Special Sweeper
Air-slash: STAB+60% flinch
Thunder-wave: Para in the Paraflinch
Psyshock: Coverage
Aura-sphere: Coverage

[email protected]

Ability: Technition
Nature: Jolly
Role: Physical Sweeper
X-scissor: STAB
Aerial-ace: STAB
Swords-dance: Boosting
Brick-break: Coverage

[email protected] belt

Ability: Steadfast
Nature: Timid
Role: Special Sweeper
Aura-sphere: STAB
Psychic: Coverage
Dragon-pulse: Coverage
Nasty-plot: Boosting

[email protected]?

Ability: Mold breaker
Nature: Jolly
Role: D-dancer
Dragon-dance: Boosting
Dragon-claw: STAB
Earthquake: Coverage
Brick-break: Coverage

I also have Special Sweepers in Agility Sniper Kingdra and And Hydregion. Remember this is for free battles these are my Level 100s. Help with Items please. Do not suggest Items exclusive to the battle subway and please say where I can find the suggested item.


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As someone who had battled this team multiple times, I must say that this is an outstanding team. One thing that screwed you over was the fact that you don't have a rapid spinner. With volcarona and scyther both extremely weak to stealth rock, they both got ohko'd by one of my pokemon(specsmence, maybe?). I would suggest starmie, as your haxorus is incredibly dangerous but gets ohko'd by any dragon types. Starmie ohko's every mainstream dragon except for hydreigon, which it 2hko's. Run this set.

[email protected] Specs
-Rapid Spin (Starmie's purpose on your team)
-Surf (STAB)
-Ice Beam (dragon killer)
-Recover/Thunderbolt (Healing/Coverage) Just run thunderbolt.
128 HP / 252 Spatk / 128 Spd

Max spatk is necessary to kill. Choice Specs allows you to ohko hydreigon... Put life orb if you want to have flexibility.

On to the rest of your team. Volcarona needs an item... Put maybe a healing berry. Sitrus berry I think?

Togekiss... Bright powder for sure, but if it's banned, then go with a fighting gem.

Haxorus: This is hard... I'm assuming item clause is in effect so a gem of sorts. Ground gem is probably your best bet as this allows you to ohko ferrothorn after one, maybe two dragon dances.

Now, on to the getting rid of stage. We added starmie, so I would recommend getting rid of togekiss. Your other option is getting rid of lucario. Hope this helps and good luck battling!

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I think I have this starmie so if you want it just tell me on chat:)