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Blaziken-Jolly nature
252 speed, 252 attack, 4 hp evs
Speed Boost

High Jump Kick- Stab
Blaze Kick - Coverage
Protect- Free Speed Boost
Baton Pass - Passin it down

Mew- Calm
left overs
252 hp, 252 sp def, 4 sp attack

Baton Pass
Rock Polish
Nasty Plot or Swords dance
Aura Sphere- Coverage

Salamence- Adamant
shell bell
252 attack,252 speed, 4 hp

Dragon dance
Dragon Claw- primary attack
Earthquake- coverage
Draco meteor- surpirse stab

Heidreigon - Hasty
252 speed, 252 sp attack, 4 hp

Surf- coverage
Draco meteor or dragon pulse - stab
Flamethrower- coverage
crunch- stab
(possible baton reciever)

Ditto- adamant
Choice Scarf
252 attack, 252 speed, 4 hp

Focus sash
252 attack,252 speed,4hp

Earth quake
hi jump kick
fake out
blaze kick

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The goal is to baton pass sppeed to mew who then adds attack or sp attack and speed ( if it survives) to the hitmonlee or heidreigon who will then sweep. please let me know of any better recievers of my baton pass as well as other team ideas.

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1 flare blitz
2sky upper cut for fly
3 baton pass
4 blaze kick cover after flare blitz

aura sphere
baton pass
calm mind
ancient power if raises stat baton pass

dragon dance
outrage STAB
brick break coverage
e quake primary

surf coverage
draco meteor STAB
fire blast coverage

ditto no
tortterra or aggron

aggron rock head hold iron ball
head smash breed nidoran with tepig then breed them with aron
double edge
heavy slam
iron head

torttera big root
e quake primary
wood hammer bit of health
stone edge coverage
giga drain or curse

hitmonlee umburden leftovers raises speed
blaze kick
e quake
reversal once speed is max

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Hitmonlee will kick butt with umburden leftovers and reversal

hope it helps  =)
Wondering if a slower reciever of the baton pass would be more effective? but besides that I love the hitmonlee and will definately use it im looking into your other suggestions to see how to change stuff. Rather than aggron is buffolant any good?
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Take out blaziken's protect and add another attack
The rest are pretty good and I see ur using baton pass, try using a move that hurts the opponent and then switches the user our instead if possible other than that great team.

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Do the stat ups stay after using a damaging move like you turn or volt change??