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Yeah, so I was on YouTube the other day and saw a weather team in action. Impressed with the player's strategy, I decided to also make a weather team. I chose sandstorm because Hail didn't have many advantages and sunny day and rain dance I tried and failed. So here is my team (this is for double battles by the way)
1 [email protected]
252 Attack, 252 Defense, 4 Hp
Docile (=All stats)
Tyranitar is my weather setter and my tank. With sandstorm in play, Tyranitar's special defense is increased by 50%. Combined with this and leftovers, Tyranitar can be pretty hard to take down. Earthquake is there because A: It has a base power of 100, B: It covers its steel weakness, and C: it's awesome. Rock slide is especially useful in double battles and is also a STAB move. 30% to flinch is also a nice perk. Crunch is also a STAB move and the strongest attack Tyranitar has. Thunderbolt is there for coverage against water types mainly.

2 [email protected] Band
252 Attack, 252 Defense, 4 Health
Brave (+Attack, -Speed)
Iron Head
Aerial Ace
Aerodactyl, when paired up with Tyranitar, is boss. Like Tyranitar, Aerodactyl gains a 50% boost in special defense under sandstorm. With its flying typing, Tyranitar can use Earthquake without Aerodactyl getting harmed. Rock slide is there for the same reason as Tyranitar's rock slide. When Aerodactyl and Tyranitar use rock slide at the same time, the foe is more likely to flinch. I have beaten experienced players in two turns by just using rock slide x2 (4vs4 against CPU in th battle tower). Crunch is there for coverage. Aerial ace is the best STAB move I could get for Aerodactyl. Although a lot of people underestimate it, but Aerodactyl has OHK'd many pokemon with it, such as Yanmega and Ludicolo. Iron Head is there for coverage against rock and ice types. Its item, choice band, increases Aerodactyl's already high attack stat by 50%.

3 [email protected] Orb
252 Attack, 252 Health, 4 Speed
Serious (=All stats)
Dragon Rush
Stone Edge
Sword Dance
GASP! Another pseudo-legendary! I chose Garchomp because it has a lot of sweeping potential. If Tyranitar faints, Garchomp is there to take its place. Its ability, sand veil, is a bit useful during sandstorm since it increases evasion by one stage. Dragon Rush and Earthquake are Garchomp's most powerful STAB moves and after one sword dance, the base power is approximately 400 (sorry if my calculations are off). Stone Edge is there for coverage against Ice types. Life Orb increases Garchomp's monstrous attack stat even more while only suffering from a small amount of HP.

4 [email protected] Bell
252 Attack, 252 Special Defense, 4 Health
Impish Nature (+Defense, -Special Attack)
Wood Hammer
Leech Seed
Torterra is a rather unique choice I made. Its only benefit from sandstorm is that it resists. The reason I chose Torterra is because it can cover the water weakness that half of my team suffer from. Wood Hammer is the strongest move it has and is also a STAB. Earthquake is also a STAB move and can deal a good amount of damage. Crunch is there for coverage. Leech seed is there to make Torterra as defensive as possible. Shell bell is there so it does not take as much recoil from Wood Hammer. Torterra is the only pokemon I am not sure if I should keep on my team.

[email protected] Scarf
252 Attack, 252 Health, 4 Speed
Adamant (+Attack, -Special Attack)
Head Smash
Zen Headbutt
Hammer Arm
Rampardos is my suicide sweeper and my revenge killer. With Choice Scarrf, Rampardos' speed is boosted to increase sweeping potential. Head Smash is the strongest STAB move and perhaps the strongest move overall it has. Zen Headbutt is there to cover it's fighting weakness. Return is pretty much for coverage. Hammer Arm for coverage against steel types and, a threat to 3 of my pokemon.

[email protected] Glasses
Modest (+Special Attack, -Attack)
252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Health
Fire Blast
Dragon Pulse
Earth Power
Heatran is my special tank. I mainly use Heatran to take down grass types that are threats to Rampardos and Tyranitar. Fire Blast is a strong STAB move that has a base power of 180 without any other boosts. Dragon Pulse is a good move to have and can take down some of the slower dragons. Earth Power is for coverage. With Wise Glasses, Heatran's special attack is raised by 10%.

So that's my team. Let me know what you think of it.
(By the way, I have found my last team member. Tell me if I should replace any moves or pokemon.)

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Rampardos has choice scarf, in case you did not know. He should be fast enough to revenge kill pokemon with average speed.
It says Choice Band  -___-
Oh, I didn't realize that... Thanks for telling me. I'll just edit that...
I'm changing my last member to Heatran because it is more useful and can deal with grass types.
Hmm... I might revamp this team sort of, only keeping Heatran and Garchomp. The rest are unnecessary/mediocre Pokes barring Tyranitar, which I prefer Hippowdon over.

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