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Must i change something with my team?
BTW here is the list:

                                        **Garchomp** (Item: Garchompite) Ability: Sand Veil
                                       -Stone Edge
                                       -Swords Dance
                                       -Dragon Rush
                                        **Blaziken**(Blazikenite) Ability: Speed Boost
                                        -Stone Edge
                                        -Sky Uppercut
                                        -Shadow Claw
                                        -Blaze Kick
                                          **Blastoise** (Item: Blastoiseinite)
                                        -Hydro Pump
                                        -Ice Beam
                                        **Delphox** (Don't Know Wich Item I Should Give) Ability: Blaze
                                        -Light Screen
                                        -Fire Blast
                                        -Future Sight
                                        **Roserade** (Miracle Seed) Ability: Natural Cure
                                        -Leech Seed
                                        -Dazzling Gleem
                                        -Giga Drain
                                        **TalonFlame** (No Item For Acrobatics) Ability: Flame Body
                                        -Flame Charge
                                        -Brave Bird

Iam Intending To Switch TalonFlame With Gardevoir. I also have a Froakie that i got from trade. But i already have a Blastoise....
Should I change my Team, Moveset's, Ability's,...etc.?

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If this is competitive you require roles/EVs and natures.
Why use 3 megas when you can use only one per battle? BTW use Flying Gem instead of nothing on Talonflame, it's better with Acrobatics. I'll be writing a full comment.

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You might want to think twice about three mega stones on a team, wherein you can only mega evolve once per battle. If you want to keep your pokemon, let me suggest movesets:

It's fine, but consider Dragon Claw instead of Dragon Rush. If you can, try to get the Rough Skin hidden ability.

Earthquake would definitely help in that moveset. Also consider Brave Bird.

Replace Hydro Pump with Scald so you can halve your opponent's attack with a burn. Since you'd have a burn already, replace Toxic with Rapid Spin.

Don't waste your time on Future Sight. Use Grass Knot or Calm Mind. I suggest Psyshock over Psychic in case you encounter Blisseys. Flamethrower would work better with the higher accuracy. I'm not sure about Light Screen, so keep it if you want to. Just hold leftovers if you're using Light Screen.

Not bad, but I suggest use Black Sludge instead for the item.

Don't mind my comment earlier, don't use flying gem. Don't use acrobatics. Give it some leftovers and then replace Acrobatics with Swords Dance/Bulk Up. Replace Flame Charge with Flare Blitz since you won't need speed. Use Gale Wings as your ability. Use Roost instead of Fly.

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Thank You! But Shouldn't I Replace Talonflame with Gardevoir? So i dont have 3 Fire Types and i can replace Dazzling Gleam with Sludge Bomb? Or maybe Greninja? Should I change someone in my team?
Well, that depends on the mega pokemon you're using. If you aren't using Mega Blaziken, then just remove Blaziken and Delphox. If you are using Mega Blaziken, just remove Delphox and keep Talonflame. You have 2 pokemon that resist water anyways, and Blaziken isn't weak to rock, same with Talonflame not being weak to ground, so they don't have much shared weaknesses. Replace Delphox with Gardevoir if you want to use Mega Gardevoir/Normal Gardevoir.
Thank You! You helped me Alot! Well Any Tips That you have in mind? Who can i send in as a Lead?