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ok. so this is the first game i will try to play competive. i think i will focus on double battles with four pokemon in each team . have no idea in what is good and what is not cuz i have never played competive before. i prefer to not use legendarys so i was thinking of:

focus on heavy rain:

politoed @leftovers
enter image description here

252 SpA/ 152hp/ 50 Sdef

abilty: drizzle
modest nature


  • surf
  • ice beam
  • scald
  • focus blast

together in double battes with :

goodra @ chesto berry
enter image description here
252 Spd/ 252 def / 4 hp


  • thunder
  • rest
  • draco metor
  • substidute

but is it any move or item that switch your stat changes with your opponent. so that you can give decreased stats to you opponent and get positive?


you uses swagger! your opponent uses swords dance!
you use draco meteor! lost 2 SPatk! opponent uses swords dance!
then you use a attack/item that gives you 6 atk boosts and gives your opponent -2 special attack!
if it exists i would love to replace substitute with that move.
Know this was extrmely confusing. Sorry

anyway. when one dies i take out my special sweeper (and a little bit tank)

ampharos @ampharosite

enter image description here

abilty: static/mold breaker
nature: bold

252 SpA/ 252 Spd/ 4 Hp

  • thunder
  • cotton guard
  • dragon pulse
  • rain dance (just in case someone use another weather move)

mega evolve quick and use cotton guard. then wipe outs the rest of your opponents team. if it dies i send out:

kingdra @focus sash
enter image description here

252 Atk/ 252 Spe /4 Hp

abilty: swift swim
adamant or lonely nature


  • dragon dance
  • outrage
  • dragon tail
  • hydro pump

while you are using dragon dance the focus sash will endure the first attack of your opponents sweeper that is ready now. then i use outrage and let my opponent take his last breath


focus on strong sunlight (still double battle):

charizard @charizardnite y

enter image description here

208spA/ 150Spe/ 150Atk

ability: blaze/drought
nature: hasty or naive


  • fire blast
  • earthquake
  • roar (for stupid baton passers)
  • dragon dance

imideatly evolves into mega charizard y and use drought

in double battles together with:

venusaur or exeggutor @choice specs/life orb


252 SpA/ 252 Spe/ 4 Hp

abilty: chlorophyll
modest nature


  • solar beam
  • sleep powder
  • dream eater/synthesis
  • physic/ petal dance

im not sure who i should chose here. exeggutor is my all time favorite pokemon but he/she have so many weakness that a single hit from a caterpie would take it down.

when one of them die i send out my deluxe wall:

metagross @leftovers

enter image description here
252 Hp/ 202 Sdef/ 50 Def

abilty: clear body
impish nature


  • sunny day/ agility
  • iron defense
  • rest
  • earthquake

use iron defense to max defense (and sunny day in case another weather move is used) then sends out:

hydreigon @life orb

hardy nature (cuz this is a mixed everything thing)
abilty: levitate

enter image description here

152 Spd/ 104 Atk/ 200 def/ 52 Satk/

  • phsych up
  • fire blast
  • draco meteor
  • superpower

psych up then go bananas. i know this is a very risky strategy

this is only something i just threw together. i need new ideas. what is your team?

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instaweather is now only 5 turns, so your team will not work
drizzle and drought last for a whole battle, but what i need is new ideas for Teams. this was just something i three together. what is your team?
Nope. In Generation 6, they last 5 turns. In Gen 5 and before, they lasted an entire battle. But things have changed.
Oh. Yeah ok thanks

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The closest I know for the question after Ampharos is Heart Swap, but I'm pretty sure that's exclusive to Manaphy. The next best option is Psych Up, which merely copies the opponents stat changes, instead of trades them.
As for Kingdra, I think you should train him in Sp Atk instead of Attack with a nature like Modest. But if you want him to be physically based, replace Hydro Pump with a physical Water move like Aqua Tail or Aqua Jet. You also might want to replace Dragon Tail, but that's up to you. I can see why but you already have Outrage, and I'm pretty sure the move always goes last, so if you wanted to get rid of a powerful opponent because you think Kingdra will lose, you might get screwed before you can even drag out a different one of your opponent's Pokemon.
Charizard might have a problem too. You have him EV trained in both Attack and Special Attack, and you know some Special some Physical moves. If you want it to be physically based, give it Charizardite X and teach it only physical moves like Flare Blitz, Earthquake, or Dragon Claw. If you want special give it Charizardite Y and teach it moves like Fire Blast. (That will do SO MUCH DAMAGE with huge Sp Atk boost + Fire boosted by Drought)

As for Exeggutor/Venusaur, I say Exeggutor with Focus Sash. I would usually do Venusaur + Venusaurite, but you already have Charizard so yeah. I say give Exeggutor Focus Sash then use Sunny Day the first turn so he'll have enough time to use at least one move. Then with the ability Chlorophyll you might outspeed them and then BAM! Solarbeam to the face. The other 2 moves I say should be Sleep Powder/Hypnosis and Dream Eater. If you have Dream Eater you won't need Psychic, plus you can recover HP.

As for Metagross, I think you should change its EVs to 252 Def and Sp Def, and 4 in HP.

And lastly, Hydreigon. I think you should change its EVs so it's only specially based, the rest can be whatever you want. My recommended moveset would be all out special power. Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Focus Blast, and Dark Pulse. Hydreigon has higher Sp Atk than Atk, so take advantage of that!

Sorry for such a lecture, these are just recommendations. You can do whatever you want with your team. And I'm definitely no expert except in knowledge, as I'm still working on my first competitive team right now.

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thanks dude. i will follow your tips.