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First up is...

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Greninja (Scout)(@Expert Belt
EV's IV's: Max Special Attack and Speed
Trait: Protean
Nature: Timid (+Spe -Atc)
-Dark Pulse
-Ice Beam

I always send him out to act as the scout. If I think I could one hit (or close enough) the target, I will. Protean is great defense strategy and makes all moves STAB. Other than that, I will use U-Turn to escape and replace with a good cover up.


Ferrothorn (Tank)@Leftovers
EV's and IV's: Max Defense and Special Defense
Trait: Iron Barbs
Nature: Relaxed (+Def -Spe)
-Gyro Ball
-Power Whip

Depending on the situation, I either use Curse to raise stats, attack with Gyro Ball or Power Whip, or use Spikes for an unlucky trap. Also, this is the only hope I have at surviving a Fairy Typed invasion.


Tyranitar (Mega)@Tyranitarite
EV's and IV's: Even spread of Attack, HP, and Special Defense
Trait: Sand Stream
Nature: Admanent (+Atc -sAtc)
-Rock Slide

Always Mega Evolve asap. Mega Tyranitar has insane attack and defense. Goal of the mighty beast: to take out all! With the occasional Protect for the fun of things.


Garchomp (Deathbringer)@Wide Lens
EV's and IV's: Max Attack and Defense
Trait: Sand Veil
Nature: Jolly (+Spe -sAtc)
-Dragon Claw
-Fire Blast
-Stone Edge

Sand Veil creates a deadly combination with Tyranitar's Sand Stream. Garchomp has great speed and usually attacks first with a deadly blow. The Wide Lens help with the accuracy of the High Risk, High Reward moves. Dragon's have great protective against a lot of types.


Aegislash (Achilles)@Spooky Plate
EV's and IV's: Max HP and Even Attack, Defense, Special Defense
Trait: Stance Change
Nature: Brave (+Atc -Spe)
-Shadow Sneak
-Swords Dance
-King's Shield
-Sacred Sword

If you have ever faced one of these, you know how brutal they are! Enough said, beware.


Dragonite (OP)@Persim Berry
EV's and IV's: Max Defense and Even Attack, Speed
Trait: Inner Focus
Nature: Gentle (+sDef -Def)
-Fire Punch

A lot has changed on Dragonite from the first version. Persim Berry helps with the confusion recoil on Outrage. Fly, not the best move, but I use it to make the enemy retreat and send out something to take the flying hit. Then I can usually make them wish they didn't recall.

This is the updated version of the team. Is there anything else you can see that might need to be changed? If so please help. Thanks!

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