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Everyone Else posted theirs, Why not post mine?

Tyranitar (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Sand Stream
EVs: 196 HP / 116 Atk / 196 Def
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Fire Punch
- Stealth Rock

Tankish Lead, Can set up Rocks and then Murder With Fire Punch Stone Edge and Earthquakes.
Alakazam (M) @ Life Orb
Trait: Magic Guard
EVs: 160 SAtk / 96 SDef / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Hidden Power ( Fire )
- Psyshock
- Charge Beam
- Shadow Ball

Magic Guard protects him from Sandstorm Damage and Life orb Damage, Nice!
Psychic for Special Power and STAB Energy Ball and Shadow Ball for Coverage.
Dugtrio (M) @ Life Orb
Trait: Sand Force
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Hone Claws
- Sucker Punch

Sand Force Powers up Stone Edge and Earthquake, Sucker Punch to try to make a last ditch effort agaisn't +1 Priority moves.
Cacturne (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Sand Veil
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SAtk
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Giga Drain
- Dark Pulse
- Leech Seed
- Hidden Power [Ground]

I wanted to try him, Leech Seed to get some passive damage and passive healing for you, and Giga Drain to Stay -alive and STAB and then Dark Pulse for STAB and HP Ground For Coverage.
Pineco (M) @ Eviolite
Trait: Overcoat
EVs: 160 HP / 96 Def / 252 SDef
Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
- Toxic
- Rest
- Protect
- Struggle Bug

Fighting moves don't touch this Crap! Struggle Bug will Either force a switch, or let your opponent not be able to do much with their Special Moves, Compared to your beastly Defense stat, Special Defense needs something to help it out. Rest being the only way to heal himself, I used that in there, it also helps further stall toxic if he's almost dead.
Relicanth (M) @ Power Herb
Trait: Rock Head
EVs: 96 HP / 56 Atk / 160 Def / 196 SDef
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
- Head Smash
- Waterfall
- Skull Bash
- Earthquake

Skull Bash + Power Herb, He has even Beastier Defense,
Rock Type + Sandstorm, Special Attacks have a Hard time doing jack Crap.
Earthquake for Coverage, and Head Smash and Waterfall for STAB ( Head Smash is useable due to Rock Head )

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Only thing is that calm mind alakakazam without focus sash will be murdered so don't use calm mind. try reuniclus maybe
High Speed and 85 Special Defense does Fine with Calm Mind actually, unless he gets hit by a Physical Hit, which can normally be predicted.
This is a very powerful team, i know because i fought it.
Your team is very good maybe change alakazam for another psychic type  pokemon with calm mind it does not work.
Why not? Give a reason why it won't work.
could always replace pineco with shuckle it's just better for what you're doing honestly.

shuckle (F) 252 def/ 126 hp/ 132 sp def or 252 def/ 252 sp.def idc really both are nice.

bold nature works nice

holding leftovers or rocky helmet i suggest giving both a try

it does what your pineco is doing and it has a chance to make it difficult for your opponent if they're using an opposite sex pokemon if you dont like attract it can always be replaced with substitute i like both.
That completely defeats the purpose of Pineco, As he can play Shuckle's role almost the same, He's also there for Physical Fighting Coverage for Tyranitar, As if someone uses a Physical Fighting Type move, With Alakazam's incredibly low Defense, he can't buff a not very effective move off with physical attacks like he can with Special Attacks.
Thats why Pineco plays the Job well, As Shuckle is weak to Fighting, where as Pineco resists it, making for an easy switch in, As switching is very popular in Competitive battle, and I have even thought of Strapping Rapid Spin onto Good o'l Pineco.
I agree, no Calm Mind Alakazam. Alakazam is going to be forced out easily. Instead of wasting a turn Calm Minding, only to have your opponent switch in something physical, give Alakazam additional type coverage. Alakazam already hits hard enough without Calm Mind boosts, however, lack of Calm Mind means you won't be special walling, which I don't think should be done anyways. I would give Alakazam 252 Sp Attack, 4 Sp Def, 252 Speed. Now, if you want a Special Attack boost, you could replace Energy Ball with Charge Beam. Use Charge Beam to finish off weakened foes, then have a good chnce of raising your Special Attack. Think of it like a special version of Moxie. Now, I suggest replacing Energy Ball with Charge Beam instead of Calm Mind because I am also adding in another move. The most likely switch in to Alakazam will be Scizor. Alakazam will usually not want to stay in on Scizor due to Bug Bite, and it doesn't want to switch out due to Pursuit. The matter becomes simple, stay in and do as much damage as possible. HP Fire becomes the weapon of choice in this case, so give it that. So you'd have Psyshock (preferred due to Blissey)/Psychic, HP Fire, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball/Charge Beam.
Also, your Skull Base Relicanth is pretty bad. Skull Bash has 100 base power, you're leaving out an item for a one turn Skull Bash, an item that you can't reuse, and you don't get a defense boost due to Skull Bash hitting in one turn. You have the Rock Head ability. The move is obvious: Double-Edge. You now have a free item space. Do with it what you wish.
You do get the defense boost, I've gotten it several times, it does it all in 1 turn.
Are you sure about 252 Sp Def for Cacturne? Are you sure you didn't mean 252 Sp Attack? I don't think this will work well. Outclassed as a Leech Seeder. It also lacks Speed for Leech Seeding. While Sand Veil is helpful, it just isn't going to work enough.
I did mean 252 Sp Atk actually, thanks for that one, didn't notice.
Still even if you do get the defense boost, I would prefer having Double-Edge, which hits harder and can be used multiple times. Also, Double-Edge gives you access to an item that will benefit you more than Power Herb. I for one would give it a Choice Scarf so it can actually hit first.
Not in this team.

As you might have guessed i'm not using alot of common use Pokemon for Sandstorm teams, Such as Stoutland, Excadrill, and Gigalith.

Whereas i'm using different pokemon that go unnoticed, such as Relicanth, Pineco, and Dugtrio.
Id say
Shuckle isnt weak to fighting

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I mus say, this is a pretty good sandstorm team. Tyranitar's set is perfect. You might want to replace fire punch with crunch if you want another STAB move, but it's up to you. You may want to replace Psyshock with Psychic since it has a higher base power. Charge Beam really isn't needed since Alakazam already has a high special attack. Thunderbolt might be better since it has a higher base power and can take down bulky water types faster than charge beam. Dugtrio's set if fine. Cacturne's set is OK I guess. Pineco... in case you didn't notice, Pineco's defenses are still lower than Forretress' even with eviolite. Replace Pineco with Forretress. Here is the set you could use:
[email protected]
252 Special Defense, 252 Health, 4 Defense
Careful (+Special Defense, -Special Attack)
Toxic Spikes
Rapid Spin/Protect
Forretress' main purpose is to set up toxic spikes. Spikes help deal more damage. Explosion makes him go out with a bang. Rapid Spin is to get rid of spikes or toxic spikes or any other field affect. You could also choose protect to stall a bit longer.
Your Relicanth set is pure genius. I don't think you need to change any thing there.
I hope I helped!
Lord of Reptiles

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Your Forre set is terrible
How so?
-Overcoat is useless for Forretress. It will take no buffetting from sand anyway, so Sturdy is much more useful.
-There is no point in giving a Rapid Spinner a suicide move like Explosion. Rapid Spinners are supposed to be there to support your team, and to say in the battle for as long as needed.
-If you're going to give something a suicide move like Explosion, at least give it some Atk EV investment so it'll do better damage.
-Alakazam + Charge Beam is actually a very logical and good combination. Charge Beam gives electric coverage and will allow Alakazam to further boost its sp. atk.
-Please look at the date on a question before you answer. This was posted more than 2 years ago and has a ream of comments suggesting improvements. Additionally, this team is outdated as evasion abilities are now banned in all tiers but Uber.
-The Relicanth set is horrible. Skull Bash + Power Herb = item wasted for a mediocre move.
-Also, Pineco has higher defences than Forretress when holding Eviolite. Pineco's highest defence with Eviolite is 306 x 1.5 = 459. Forretress' highest defence stat is 416. Eviolite boost is not calculated by multiplying Pineco's base defence stat of 90, but Pineco's actual defence stats.
Well OK then... I thought Eviolite was base defense multiplied by 1.5... My mistake. I will also watch for the date of questions... kinda forgot to look at it.
It does boost a Pokemon's defence by 1.5, or 50%, but Pineco's max defence at level 100 is 306, while Forretress' max defence at level 100 is 416. Therefore, Pineco's max defence at level 100 + eviolite is 306 x 1.5 = 459, which is higher than Forretress' maximum defence at level 100.

You don't multiple the base defence stat by 1.5, you multiple the *actual* defence stat by 1.5.