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gen5 mono-dark type team

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Im a defensive trainer so my team will be using defense as advantage. this is also my 1st question since I registed myself so sorry for any grammatical error. Thats my team:

-sableye: (prankster/rocky helmet/careful) HP-252/DEF-4/SDF-252

foul play-for attacking strong foes
taunt-for ending support purposes
will-o-wisp-to slowly kill strong attacking foes using rocky helmet and burn
recover-recovering the damage taken by the rocky helmet and burn tecnic

-mandibuzz:(overcoat/rocky helmet/relaxed) HP-4/DEF-252/SDF-252

attract-defensive purposes
roost-just like sableye
foul play-just like sableye

-umbreon:(synchronize/rock helmet/relaxed) HP-180/DEF-76/SDF-152

wish-healing the team
foul play-like sableye
screech-lowering high defensive pokemons turning foul play stronger
heal bell-heal the team`s status

-honchkrow:(moxie/life orb/jolly) HP-128/ATK-252/SPE-128

brave bird-suicide
sucker punch-attacking first to beat strong and dangerous foes
roost-preventing suicide
superpower-to beat rock and steel type pokemons

-tyranitar:(focus sash/sand stream/adamant) HP-40/ATK-156/DEF-156/SDF

stealth rock-support
superpower-like honchkrow
earthquake-like superpower
ice punch-dragons

-hydreigon:(focus sash/levitate/modest) SPA-252/SPE-252

dark pulse-STAB/flinch
focus blast-like superpower
rock slide-bug(volcarona)

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As this is not a Sand team, I would be running Unnerve > Sand Stream for Tyranitar, or don't use it at all. You can find better choices, like Sharapedo and Houndoom. Drapion is also not bad. Mandibuzz is useless, so:

Houndoom > Tyranitar
Sharapedo or Bisharp > Either Mandibuzz or Honchkrow.

You know, mono-dark is not so easy to play defensively. You should be more aggressive. Mono-Steel, in the other hand, can be played defensively better.
i used Tyranitar to end weather effects then use Mandibuzz. Tyranitar is only to force switching, to support and to take hits and some HP Tyranitar is useless Mandibuzz is one of the strongest pokemon on my team
you need a dragon stab on hydreigon
You should give something a poison/ psychic type move to take on fairy and fighting types
Also give umbreon assurance, Umbreon's pretty slow so it should attack second usually, and assurance doubles to 120 base damage if it attacks second, alot better than foul play.
@ Gengar: Did you mean Payback ? ;-)
I find this a good team, but they need some moves to cover their weak spots, like a flying or physic move. But I can see you have the flying down with the mandibuzz.
umbreon has low attack to win him you need a strong pokemon with high attack stat thats why i use foul play and mandibuzz dont have any flying attacks because       its the same as umbreon it has low attack stat against fighting types i use mandibuzz so they get hit by rocky helmet and i keep roosting till he dies or switch
hydreigon does not fight dragons all the others that have foul play that does that type of battles

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