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Im quite new to pokemon and the only game i have played was Pokemon Pearl. I will be getting pokemon Y soon and like others i pre plan my team before i get the game.

This is what I want to make:

Charizard y ( mega stone) insane special attack and high speed

  • Flamethrower

  • solarbeam

  • roost

  • air slash/dragon pulse

Tyranitar ( focus sash) for sanstorm and attack

  • crunch

  • earthquake

  • stealth rock

  • something else

Garchomp ( not sure what to hold) my only dragon in my team and a good one.

-Hone Claws

-Dragon Rush


-Stone Edge

Greninja ( life orb) my only water type aswell as my starter.

  • Dark Pulse

  • Hydro Pump

  • Ice Beam

  • U-turn

Aegislash (leftovers) insane attack and special attack as well as his stance change ability.

  • Shadow Sneak/Shadow Claw
  • Iron Head

  • Sacred Sword

  • King's Shield

Lucario ( not sure if i should keep lucario)

-Close Combat


-Stone Edge / Earthquake

-Sword Dance

I would really appreciate if you could help me improve my team and please tell me if this is a decent build. I like building teams around the pokemons I like yet I want them to work well.

And could you guys tell me your teams so I can compare.

Thanks for the help

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Very OU. Overall you have good coverage. Do you know what EVs are?
If you do, then I would suggest investing them wisely into each Pokemon rather than just simply leveling them up.

Just about your entire team is dedicated to attack. How about a wall/staller? Try Florges (amazing Special Defense, as well as a healer)

For Tyranitar's other move, I would put Stone Edge or rock slide.

Everything else looks just fine. But if you don't look up into EVs your team won't be as good as others who do.

enter image description here @Life Orb
Ability: Magic Bounce
Nature: Timid (+Spe, -Att)
-Dazzling Gleam
-Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball

EVS: 252 Spe, 252 SpAtt, 6 SpDef

This pokemon here would be good for predicting status moves. Also it's a great sweeper.
Use calm mind when you have the advantage/you feel the opponent is going to switch. And then sweep from there.

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Thanks a lot, but do you think I should start EV training from the start of the game when i get my froakie or after i beat the game and breed new ones.
Breed new ones