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My current party:

Samurott Lv. 72

Hold item: Mystic Water

Nature: Naive

Ice Beam





Attack: 197

Defense: 152

Special Attack: 167

Special Defense: 103

Speed: 157

Reshiram Lv. 70

Hold item: Expert Belt (I didn't know what to give him)

Nature: Lonely

Dragon Pulse



Fusion Flare


Attack: 223

Defense: 140

Special Attack: 245

Special Defense: 175

Speed: 144

Ferrothorn Lv. 70

Hold Item: Leftovers

Nature: Mild

Gyro Ball

Aerial Ace

Seed Bomb



Attack: 164

Defense: 197

Special Attack: 117

Special Defense: 177

Speed: 63

Hydreigon Lv. 70

Hold Item: Razor Claw

Nature: Naive



Dragon Pulse

Hyper Voice


Attack: 177

Defense: 132

Special Attack: 201

Special Defense: 133

Speed: 194

Volcarona Lv. 70

Hold Item: Scope Lens

Nature: Gentle


Quiver Dance

Bug Buzz

Hidden Power (Grass)


Attack: 110

Defense: 113

Special Attack: 218

Special Defense: 176

Speed: 188

Reuniclus Lv. 70

Hold Item: Quick Claw

Nature: Hardy


Flash Cannon

Shadow Ball



Attack: 128

Defense: 118

Special Attack: 196

Special Defense: 128

Speed: 73

Now here is some changes I am thinking of making. 1. Replacing Ferrothorn's Strength with Thunderbolt. 2. Replacing Reuniclus's Flash Cannon (or maybe Shadow Ball) with Energy Ball. And now here is the big change I am thinking of: replacing Ferrothorn with Aggron (would be holding Wide Lens or Zoom Lens, have Rock Head ability, and know Head Smash, Superpower, Double Edge, and either Iron Head or Iron Tail). Teaching Energy Ball to Reuniclus would also make sense if I make this change. If any of you see something else I should change, let me know.

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Welcome to PokemonDB!!! You should change Ferrothorn's strength. And find a pokemon u could use instead of Reshiram(some people dont want legendaries in their wifi battles).
Thanks.  Who do you recommend then?  I wouldn't be doing wi-fi battles though, mostly against my brothers and my friends.  They usually use more than one legendary, unfortunately -_-
You should list Evs and Natures. If you don't know you're evs, then list stats.
Updates with stats.
By asking this in Battle Subway :D XD its that orange button. from now on, ask these types of questions there alright.
I've found this set very useful for ferrothorn in the past

Ferrothorn (M) @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Iron Barbs
Evs: 252 Sp. Def 252 Atk 4 HP
Nature: Any that boosts defense

 - Iron Defense
 - Gyro Ball
 - Power Whip
 - (Up to you)

Once you've maxed out Iron Def the idea is that they will be dealing less damage than they take off your rocky helmet and iron barbs. gyro ball is good because Ferrothorn is really slow (plus its STAB aswell)

Hope this helped

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I personally suggest to make Ferrothorn your lead. Have a moveset something like this.

Ferrothorn (M) @ leftovers
Ability: Iron Barbs
Evs: 252Hp/ 252 Atk/ 4 SP.Def
Nature: Brave

  • Spikes/
  • Gyro ball
  • Power whip
  • Protect/Thunder wave

Set up spikes or stealth rock to be your hazard. Gyro ball work well with your speed to do a lot of damage. Power whip is secondary STAB. Protect is for stalling Leftovers and Thunder wave is for crippling your opponent. Also change his nature to careful(if you can)

You could also give your Hydreigon life orb/choice scarf. Also replace hyper voice with earth power for coverage.

Give Volcarona a Flame plate charcoal or a Insect plate to boost STAB attacks even further. Change the nature to modest too(if you can)

Reuniclus should replace flash cannon with energy ball like you said.

Give Reshiram flamethrower instead of fusion flare because fusion flare has only 5 more Base power while flamethrower has 10 more PP. Also change his nature from lonely to modest(if you can)

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Spikes and Earth Power are egg moves though, how would I just teach it to them?  Unless you suggest getting a new one and starting over.  What if I just give Volcarona the Expert Belt instead, to boost whichever would be super effective?  I've never actually though about teaching Flamethrower to Reshiram, good idea.  How would I change his nature?  If that's possible my life would become A LOT easier.  Also, any thoughts on Aggron?
It's okay if you don't wanna restart your pokemon. Just give Hydreigon flamethrower as it is a TM .Flame plate/insect plate on Volcarona was a thought. Aggron could be a choice if you really wanted to but I think Ferothorn a good lead and attacker but you can use Aggron if you want because Rock smash + Rock head HURTS! Moveset would be like

Aggron @ Choice Band or Rock plate/anything that increases rock type moves/               
Ability: Rock head                          
Evs:252 Atk/ 4 Hp/ 252 Spe                        
Nature: Jolly                      

-Rock Head                                      
-Double Edge                                 
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1 Well with your ferrot horn i would give it a rocky helmet which does a lot of damage with its abilities and i wouldnt teach it thunderboltas as its sp atk is well under average and ferrothorn should not have any special moves because of that instead teach it curse giving it a beast attack and defence but lowering speed but that doesnt matter because its speeds well under average as well and then use curse then gyro ball its attack is increased then the moves power is increased because your slower makeing your ferrothorn a slow but strong sweeper a tank because high def and a annoyer coz of its abillity and item makeing it imposibly strong love ferrothorns

2Reshiram: good moves nothing to improve apart from item and you cant do anything about it now but its abillity

3 Samurot very good good moveswould change revenge for calm mind but change item mysic water and other items like that are useless they are useless unless u have the right nature which u dont yours boosts speed and loweres sp defence if u did have the right nature for your surf it would be 99 power plus extra because its a water using a water plus your item it would be around 109 power + extra sorry if that confuses u

4 Hydrogegon 1 problem nature good moves good sweeper

5 Volcorana obvulasly u have just caught it at lv 70 in the desert lv it up and it will learn moves like bug buzz

6 reincluss perfect nearly the item needs changing it only has a 10% chance of working think about 1 hit kos 30 % chance of hitting the item works less than a then divide that by three and thats how often it works reincluss by far your best change item and its natures ok it doesnt effect your stats

Your item choices not the best and i wouldnt swap ferrothorn with aggron seen as it has lots of weeknesses and has a low sp def

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