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So this is team i am quite proud of :P still i'd like to view the opinions of other people and also know if there is any wavy to improve my team :)

1) Braviary

Item : Scope Lens

Ability : Sheer Force

EV's and Nature : Attack/Speed , Adamant

Moves : Fly, Crush Claw, Rock Slide & Brave Bird

2) Carracosta

Item : Mystic Water

Ability : Solid Rock

EV's and Nature : Sp.AtK/Atk/Def , Naughty

Moves : Toxic, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Stone Edge

3) Scrafty

Item : Muscle Band

Ability : Moxie

EV's and Nature : Attack/Speed , Adamant

Moves : Poison Jab, Crunch, Stone Edge, Hi Jump Kick


Item : Charcoal

Ability : Flash Fire

EV's and Nature : Sp.Atk/Sp.Def/Speed , Modest

Moves : Will-o-wisp, Hex, Energy Ball, Flamethrower

5) Zoroark

Item : Black Glasses

Ability : Illusion

EV's and Nature : Atk/Sp.Atk, Hardy

Moves : Aerial Ace, U-Turn, Flamethrower, Night Daze

6) Hydreigon

Item : Wise Glasses

Ability : Levitate

EV's and Nature : Sp.Atk/Speed, Rash

Moves : Crunch, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Focus Blast

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Three of those (Scrafty, Carracosta, Chandelure) are in my Unova-only team...
Guess these guys might end up as OU (Especiasllly Chandelure)
Hydreigon and Carracosta WAS on my team, and now I've seen a lot of people with Zoroark and Braviary...
Gosh, I think I'm using a lot of OU pokemon...
well from the start of johto ive started loving dark and dragon types xD and hydreigon is BOTH!!! :D how could i not have him in my team.. and also he got uber pseudo-legendary stats
why  is your zorark hardy? why not get a better nature
well i wanted to make my zoroark both attack and sp.atk.. and also i couldnt lower any of sp.def/def and e speed so i thought a neutral nature would be best
You don't need a mixed Zoroark...
Braviary and Carracosta are NU. Scrafty is BL, which is technically OU. Chandelure, Hydreigon, and Zoroark are OU.

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Try replacing some dark types, with focus blast someone takes out a big chunk of your team. Try adding some psychic move somewhere. Try making someone a sweeper like zoroark or chandelure. Very good team. Try, if you haven't already, to develop a strategy to go against a maximum amount of types with all of your pokemon.

Hope this helps :)

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