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I would like to have a versatile pokemon party to take on Darktyphlosion. we had a rematch... he beat me again. His party is completely different during every battle, there's no way for me to predict his next move! I will have one last battle with him, we're both using our BEST teams. But what should I use? Here is my current team (the one that I used in the 2nd battle):

Gengar-Shadow ball, Thunder, destiny bond, Hidden power (fighting)

Houndoom-Nasty plot, flamethrower, Dark pulse, and will-o-wisp

Swampert-Avalanche, waterfall, Stealth Rock, and Earthquake

Metagross-Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Agility, and Light Screen

Garchomp-Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Sandstorm, and Brick Break

Lucario-Close Combat, Swords Dance, Water Pulse, and extremespeed.

DarkTyphlosion's Rematch Team

Shedinja- swords dance, protect, X-scissor, mimic

Porygon 2-Conversion 2, trick Room, Tri-attack, zap cannon

Clefable- Follow me, moonlight, helping hand, Protect.

Claydol-Safeguard, magic coat, rain dance, rapid spin

Meganium-aromatherapy, safeguard, magic coat, leech seed

Umbreon-toxic, baton pass, mean look, protect

The battle:
I led with Gengar and Lucario, he led with Porygon 2 and Umbreon. I decided to take out umbreon quickly, So I used close combat and hidden power on it. But It used protect, while porygon 2 used trick room. after this he switched his umbreon for clefable, and I used swords dance with lucario and thunder on porygon2 (which missed) porygone 2 used zap cannon, which paralyzed my Lucario. He used stealth rock with Clefable, I got paralyzed and couldn't move with lucario. I switched out gengar for swampert. After this, clefable used safeguard, and porygon 2 switched out for Claydol. Swampert used stealth rock and lucario used extremespedd on claydol. Claydol used rapid spin. clefable used protect. making my moves useless. after that. both of them switch out to porygon2 and shedinja. I decided to finish this. Shedinja used protect against my moves, and porygon 2 used conversion 2. and shedinja used mimic to copy it. then porygon 2 used tri attack again, and Shedinja used conversion 2 to become a NORMAL TYPE!! after this. My moves were useless and my pokemon were weak. so after a few turns of nothing for me, shedinja had maxed out its attack with swords dance, and started sweeping my team. Lucario had gone down from all of porygon 2's attacks. stealth rock took its toll too. I was left with gengar and houndoom. Houndoom lost a 1/4 of his health due to stealth rock, making him easy work for him. Clefable appeared and used follow me to block my hidden power, and ket setting up safeguard and magic coat, and whenever safeguard fell and she would use it, shedinja would use protect, making my move useless. after some toxi-stalling and shedinja attacks. My team went down, all I have to show for it is the act that I fainted his Meganium and his porygon 2.

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I see my shedinja set has worked wonders. It still needs some improvements, but I like it.
How did Clefable use Stealth Rock? It doesn't seem to know it in what you give for his team.
Not sure, my clefable doesn't have helping hand. It has stealth rock.
Houndoom, if you have singel battle, try Wobbuffet! :) it's usefull, but...useless against DT's Umbreon!
Damn DT, crippled his entire team with my adapted strategy, huh?

I must say, I'm glad with how it turned out! Good job! xD
I took your advice and threw in a few tricks of my own. Your suggestions were nothing short of excellent narwhals.

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You need a team that all fit together in strategy and fits your fighting style. Strategy is an important part of winning. Since DT changes his team, just don't create a team just to counter this one team. I can't help much beyond that, try what works best for you. I myself find that a team based around Tyranitar's ability works wonders. However, this might not be the best option for you. Battle smartly, think of why he sent out a Pokemon if he switched or why he used a move that isn't normally on that Pokemon. This can tell you a lot about DT's team. Also, make sure to bring something in for dealing with Umbreon (since he seems to use this one a lot). Other things to help deal with DT are looking on this site for questions he has recently asked, as they might be about what his next strategy is going to be. Another thing you could do is use a move to steal his hold items (like switcheroo and covet) and then Fling them away at him. Also, I think he ues Trick Room a good amount for his teams, so find ways to disrupt that.

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It seems his team has more power if switched and sent out in a certain order, so roar or whirlwind might help disrupt him, and do extra stealth rock pain with all the switching, you could also teach metagross hammer arm, witch would be so strong(ESPECIALLY WITH A MUSCLE BAND)that you could probably knock out clefable when it uses follow me to protect shedinja. or just KO shedinja with stealth rock if you can deal with claydol's rapid spin, and last but not least, mix it up a little! your pokemon all probably have the best possible movesets, but best possible movesets are predictable, throw in thief, or taunt on houndoom for all the protects and trick room. And if any of your pokemon can learn psych up, that will bring your attack waaay up if you use it on shedinja, or use it on your own pokemon, it also looks like feint, as weak as it is could also do some damage with all the protecting if used on lucario...mabe, ur choice

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All good ideas, but the problem is that I never use the use same team twice. My next party for our third and final battle will be way different from this. I just used this party to test out a strategy I made (from my last question.)
Oh.. I look stupid now...:(
But some of this could still work...........
I'd like to battle you dark typhlosion, you'll probably win, but I'd like to see what I can do, my friend code is3395 5781 3852, name RYAN, on at 7:30 to abot 9 or past (eastern time, I live in ontario, canada, whats your friend code?
My wifi is pretty limited, I can't seem to battle far out of my state, so I'll battle you once I get better wifi:) I can battle with houndoom because we know each other in real life and not just on this site.
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A tanker pokemon like snorlax is highly recommended for your team. Bug type pokemon is also suitable for your team to take on umbreon which killed me during my last battle with my friend as I have understimated it.

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It's not that easy with DT, you know...
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If you got rid of Umbreon and Clefable, the match would've been yours. :P

Heracross alone, could've killed off half of DT's team, but like you said, you never know his team for sure.

Although, like past battles, I still don't see a strategy or theme to your team. You just seem to want to cover weaknesses, and blast through your enemies.

You need a strategy against tricky teams like this, otherwise you're not going to leave a dent in anything. Study his tactics, and use moves to wear him a little at a time, because DT's strategy is (90% of the time) survivability/stalling, then finding an opening to sweep.

Anyway, to get an idea, I'll give a walkthrough of his team:

Whenever somebody sends out Porygon2, KO it as fast as you can. Porygon2 on a team ALWAYS means a strategy or gimmick, now that Porygon-Z is available for use. Umbreon always has the same set, no matter who uses him, so just cripple it with Swagger and watch it stall out while you attack the others. Taunt would've crippled Umbreon too.

Thunder missing and Zap Cannon hitting (50% Accuracy; guaranteed Paralysis) were just bad luck, and believe it or not, this was the most pivotal part of the match, seeing as Lucario could've 0HKO'd Clefable with Close Combat. Clefable fainting probably would've costed DT the match (Of course, he had Claydol for a makeshift Clefable too :P).

Finally, all you needed was a Fighting-type attack, Rampardos / Pinsir, or Gastro Acid would've made Shedinja mincemeat. In fact Gastro Acid would've made this whole battle a lot easier.

Anyway, all DT had to do was manipulate Shedinja's type andclear away the Pokemon with Fighting-type attacks to gain control, so you were doomed very early in the fight. Not very encouraging, I know, but it's an honest statement.

This was a long ramble, so I hope at least something in this answer helped in some way. xD

EDIT: Oops, I just realized that this was an old question. Sorry, Houndoom! =P

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