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proud nature
item:focus sash
ev's atk 255 speed 255
moves: x-scissor,ironhead,night slash,brick break

naive nature
ability:snow cloak
ev's sp.atk 255 speed 255
moves: hail,ice beam,psychic,shadow ball

calm nature
item:rocky helmet
ev's sp.atk 255 sp.def 255
moves:cosmic power,extrasensory,earth power,stealth rock

jolly nature
ability:vital spirit
ev's atk 255 speed255
moves:ice/thunder/fire punch,dual chop

rash nature
item:splash plate
ev's atk 255 speed 255
moves:ice fang,dragon dance,waterfall,earthquake

and now for the unbeatable one...

impish nature
ability:iron fist
item:silk scarf
ev's atk 255 sp.atk 255
moves:return,mach punch,fire blast,stone edge

please rate this team guys!!!

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is proud even a nature :l
No, it isn't. He probably meant Adamant.
Your ev are set out wrong
well id like to see this unbeatable team fair against my team i have
Silk Scarf Infernape. Obviously unbeatable.
ur infernape is the worst from ur whole team

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I'll just put it out there that there really is no such thing as an "unbeatable" team no matter how Über the team is. Your team is definitely not "unbeatable" but it does indeed have potential.

Scizor would be better if it had Technician and Bullet Punch. Proud is not a Nature either, so I have no idea how good Scizor's stats would be, but I would suggest Adamant as its (real) Nature. Froslass would be good to go, except when it uses hail, everything else on your team will take damage from it after Froslass faints. Unfortunately, unlike what you'd said before its description, your Infernape is probably the least "unbeatable" addition to your team. Instead of giving it useful Speed stats, it is instead wasted on full Special Attack just for the sake of Fire Blast. Iron fist could be a lot more useful than what you've made it to be, as the only thing it boosts is Mach Punch. Your Item slot is used up only to boost Return, which isn't as powerful as it's jacked up to be. My biggest suggestion is replacing Fire Blast, Stone Edge, and/or Return with Fire Punch and Thunder Punch and possibly adding a Speed or Attack boost to your moveset. I would replace the Silk Scarf with Charcoal too.

Basically the biggest concern here is where to put EVs in the right spot. You should never try to have high Attack and Sp. Atk EVs at the same time, no matter how crazy the movepool is, as it leaves a big gap where HP or Speed, etc. could've been.

Other than what I've listed above, this is a pretty good attacking team. The only thing that is missing are status moves that would give the opponent a harder time, and not as much "teamwork" is involved here either.

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