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As I am not new to Pokemon I am fairly new to the competitive battle scene and don't really know where to start. My favorite Pokemon has always been and always will be Scizor so I would like to build my team around him. Below I will post the stats of my current Scizor and two pictures of some of the Pokemon I would like to use. Obviously I would evolve the ones that aren't at their final evolution stage yet, and I would like to restrain from using the legendaries if Possible. Also I won't use the eevee's and their evolutions unless its highly recommended. If you could point out some of the ones that work well with Scizor or just all around strong that would be awesome. I also forgot I have a Latios that isn't in those pictures. Thanks so much! :)

Scizor @ Scizorite lvl 75
Ability: Swarm
EVs: (Not quite sure how to calculate) But here are his stats as of now:

       210 Hp / 249 Atk / 161 Def / 111 Sp. Atk / 161 Sp. Def / 134 Spd

Lonely Nature
- X-Scissor
- Iron Head
- Swords Dance
- Night Slash

Link to first image


Link to second image


Thanks again!

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Sorry to say, but we're not here to tell you what Pokemon to use on a team. You should come up with the team yourself and we'll tell you what we think about it.

Also, Scizor is much better off with Technician, in order to abuse moves like Bullet Punch.

EVs aren't really calculated, they're accumulated, and since they're invisible you can't know what EVs a Pokemon has unless you start counting from the beginning (freshly caught/ hatched). What you could do is go into Super Training on your game and use a Reset Bag on your Scizor. The Reset Bag will reset all EVs back to zero, but it'll also show you where all the EVs were just after it resets. However, considering that your Scizor has Swarm, I wouldn't use it for competitive battling and get one with Technician.

Here's some good guides on EVs:
http://pokemondb.net/ev and

And also IVs:

Which are important in getting the best result from your Pokemon in a battle. In order to breed for better IVs, look here: http://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/1p4pps/gen_vi_breeding_guide/ and

Also, since you're new to competitive battling, this article will be of help:
It's 2 generations out, but it'll tell you the basics of battling. Also, the clauses and tiers are fan made and do not exist over wifi.
this is not the greatest mega scizor set. Wher are your technician boosted moves? Where is bullet punch? And by EVs I think you mean IVs, not sure if you know the difference but there is one (could have just been a typo though). Finally in competitive battling, level doesn't really matter as all levels are set to 50 to make the game fair. Hope this helped and happy battling =)
No, I'm pretty sure he meant EVs. You don't list IVs in competitive play since it's just taken for granted they're all at 31 unless you bred for hidden power.

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