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Please rate it, show me what I can improve and what I should fill my last pokemon slot with.
Note, I'm not finished making this team so movesets and EVs can be changed. I know some would need to breed for egg moves like leech seed and baton pass.

Milotic @ Levtovers
Ability: Marvel scale
Trait: Serious
EVs: Spd: 252/ Spa: 252/ Hp: 4
Rain Dance
Ice beam
Hydro pump
Recover/Aqua ring
Role: Special defensive wall, good type coverage, able to recover, rain used for Yveltal and Helioptile. Rain powers up STAB hydro pump.

Helioptile @ Magnet
Ability: Dry Skin
Trait: ???
EVs: Spa: 252/ Sp: 204/ Spd: 50/
Volt switch
Parabolic charge/Surf
Focus blast
Role: Special sweeper, heals in milotic's rain, able to spam powerful thunder's in rain, surf to deal with ground and fire types, volt switch to get out of tough situations.

Yveltal @ Sharp Beak
Ability: Dark Aura
Trait: ???
EVs: ???
Dragon rush
Phantom force
Oblivion Wing
Role: Mixed attacker, able to spam STAB hurricane in Milotic's rain

Blaziken @ Focus sash
Ability: Speed boost
Trait: Adamant
EVs: Atk: 252/ Sp: 252/ Def: 4
Sky uppercut
Flare blitz
Brave bird
Baton pass
Role: Sweeps, then baton passes to Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn @ Rocky helmet
Ability: Iron barbs
Trait: ???
EVs: Atk: 124/ Def: 252/ HP: 130
Ingrain/Leech seed
Power whip
Iron defense
Role: Physical wall, explodes when about to faint.

Extra slot, I'm not sure which pokemon should fill this. Any ideas? Thanks for reading, and please give feedback. Should I use aqua ring or recover on my Milotic, and should I use ingrain or leech seed on my Ferrothorn?

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252 evs for maximum stats and you still have 4 to put somewhere else.
griseous orb only affects giratina

Also it would  be maybe more helpful to rate if we knew where are you playing. Probably battlespot?
Ok, I fixed it.
Trait generally means ability. What you mean appears to be natures.

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