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Hello everyone, after years of playing Pokemon and analyzing specific stats and traits, I've done my best to put together a team to reflect those years of training. So, I issue everyone here the following challenge: find a flaw in my team! I'd love to hear if anything is wrong with it, and it'd be even better if you could give me a solution to said problem. Without further ado, here it is:
Super Mega Team 4 Billion
Florges (Fairy)(252SDEF/252SPD/4HP)
- Item: Kee Berry
- Ability: Flower Veil
- Nature: Bold

 *- Moonblast (Spec;Fairy)
 - Grass Knot (Spec;Grass)
 - Wish (Stat;Normal)
 - Calm Mind (Stat;Psychic)*

Emolga (Flying/Electric) (252SATK/252SPD/4HP)
- Item: (Undetermined)
- Ability: Motor Drive
- Nature: Hasty

 *- Electra Ball (Spec;Electric)
 - Agility (Stat;Normal)
 - Acrobatics (Phys;Flying)
 - Thunder Wave (Stat;Electric)*

Aegislash (Steel/Ghost) (Focus on 252ATK/252DEF/4HP)
- Item: Leftovers
- Ability: Stance Change
- Nature: Impish

 *- Shadow Claw (Phys;Ghost)
 - Iron Head (Phys;Steel)
 - Sacred Sword (Phys;Fighting)
 - King's Shield (Stat;Steel)*

Garchomp (Dragon/Ground) (252ATK/252SPD/4HP)
- Item: Garchompite
- Ability: Rough Skin
- Nature: Jolly

 *- Dragon Rush (Phys;Dragon)
 - Earthquake (Phys;Ground)
 - Stone Edge (Phys;Rock)
 - Sword Dance (Stat;Normal)*

Volcarona (Fire/Bug) (252DEF/252SPA/4SPD)
- Item: (Undetermined)
- Ability: Swarm
- Nature: Bold

 *- Flamethrower (Spec;Fire)
 - Bug Buzz (Spec;Bug)
 - Quiver Dance (Spec;Bug)
 - Whirlwind (Stat;Normal)*

Metagross (Steel/Psychic) (252ATK/252HP/4DEF)
- Item: (Undetermined)
- Ability: Clear Body
- Nature: Adamant

 *- Gyro Ball (Phys;Steel)
 - Meteor Mash (Phys;Steel)
 - Zen Headbutt (Phys;Psychic)
 - Sludge Bomb (Spec;Poison)*
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- You can't get any gems apart from Normal in Gen VI as of now.
- Emolga is not fit for OU environment (you might as well use Hawlucha)
- You have 2 Stealth Rock weaknesses and no spinner
- Volcarona is not suitable for a move like Whirlwind since it's too frail
- Metagross doesn't need Gyro Ball when it has Meteor Mash, nor does it need Sludge Bomb when it's running no sp. attack EVs
- Dragon Claw is much more reliable as STAB for Garchomp

If you want a Pokemon to be bulky, it should have 252 EVs in HP rather than defence/ sp. def. So Aegislash's spread should be 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Def & Adamant, Florges' spread should be 252 HP, 252 Def/ Sp. Def (whatever you want).

Everything's also kinda slow... Garchomp loses speed upon Mega-Evolution, and even before it'll be out sped by Greninja and OHKO'd with Ice Beam. Volcarona is susceptible to scarf threats like Terrakion and even T-Tar because it's bulkier in sand; it'll get KO'd by a rock move before it can set up.
Fondant pointed out most of the flaws. This team has multiple problems and has a long way to go
Ok I am assuming this is Smogon OU and Singles.
1. I don't see why you'd use Florges in singles over Sylveon, unless that Grass coverage is really what you need. Flower Veil doesn't do anything in singles.
Benefit of Sylveon: If this is an in-game team (instead of on Showdown), majority of Pokemon will be male (some popular pogeys have 7:1 male ratio with Conkeldurr having 3:1) and Cute Charm has a chance to trigger, so you can't go wrong with a female Sylveon with Cute Charm. Pixilate hidden ability is also great if you can somehow get an HA Eevee with Hyper Voice.
2. Why are you running Sludge Bomb on Metagross? It's a bad move since you've got a -SpAtk nature, plus the Fairies you wanna hit with it (I presume) usually have high Special Defense. You've already got Meteor Mash for fairies.
3. Gyro Ball is poor on Metagross as it's way too fast. Suggested moves to replace Gyro Ball and Sludge Bomb are Bullet Punch, Earthquake, Payback, Rock Polish, Agility, Ice Punch (if you can get Ice Punch).
4. Unless you're running a Choice Specs on Volcarona, Fiery Dance is usually better than Flamethrower.
5. I don't like Whirlwind on Volcarona, why not Morning Sun? Since it's your setup sweeper you might as well grab a heal as well as Leftovers.
6. Dragon Rush eh? If this is Smogon OU then you don't need to worry about evasion increasing moves. Stick with Dragon Claw.
7. Why Bold on Florges when all her EV's are on SDef. Either you switch to Calm nature or move all those EV's to Defense to make it worth it. This is the same advice in case you are switching to Sylveon.
8. Like the other guy said, Emolga is kind of weak. My suggestion if you need a fast electric attacker is Mega Manectric. Yes, Mega Manectric. What about Garchomp? You can free it to have a Choice Scarf/Band (swap out that Swords Dance tho) or Focus Sash or Yache Berry. If you really don't want to remove Garchomp's mega stones, Jolteon is a cheap substitute for Mega Manectric, but still way better than Emolga. Other possible suggestions include Zapdos or Thundurus if you really need that Flying type or Earthquake immunity.

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