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I have a strange tactic when it comes to battling. I tend to use Pokémon that aren't used heavily so that my opponent can't easily predict what's coming their way. Though that can be difficult to when you're battling in OU. By that, I don't mean you'll never see these guys, I'm just saying that 4/6 of them are amongst the rarest in the tier. (or I'm saying that I don't use talonflame)

Item: focus sash
ability: inner focus
nature: modest
ev spread 252 sp a/252 spd/ 4 sp d
-dazzling gleam
-focus blast
This is my lead. His job is to taunt any trap setters and kill them

Item: Choice band
ability: rough skin
nature: adamant
ev spread 252 atk/ 252 spd/ 4 def
-Dragon claw
-Fire fang
-Poison jab
Garchomp is a powerhouse when equipped with a choice band. Its job is to take down as much as it can with sheer power

item: scizorite
ability: technician
nature: adamant
ev spread: 252 att/ 252 def/ 4 spd
-Swords dance
-Bullet punch
-U turn
Mega scizor is fairly rare as megas go. Though it to is a powerhouse. After a swords dance or two (or three), bullet punch can 1/2 HKO most Pokémon. U turn is mainly because of the fact that most people tend to switch into fire types at the sight of a scizor.

Item: toxic orb
ability: poison heal
ev spread: 252 spd/ 252 def/ 4 att
-Brick break
Gliscor is my typical "use toxic and stall it out" kind of Pokémon. EQ and BB are mainly for additional damage.

Item: leftovers
Ability: Serene grace
nature: timid
ev spread: 252 spd/ 252 sp a/ 4 hp
-Iron head
My favorite Pokémon. It's a typical serene grace/ iron head abuser. Not really much more to say.

Item: life orb
Ability: flame body
Nature: modest
ev spread: 252 spd/ 252 sp a/ 4 sp d
-Fire blast
-Bug buzz
This thing can wreck an entire team. Equipped with a life orb, its sp a is incredible. Then all it has to do is roost

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why did you use mega scizor instead of mega alakazam?
It's kind of to do with the fact I try and stay away from cliché teams. If someone sees a garchomp, alakazam and a scizor on a team, they wouldn't expect the scizor to be mega. Also, mega alakazam isn't really much better than regular alakazam. Its purpose is to take out leads so it only needs a focus sash. Garchomp is just as powerful with a choice band and that means that scizor can be mega evolved

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Hello! I will see how much I can help this team.


Looks good.


Dual Chop or Outrage over Dragon Claw. Outrage for higher power, snd Dual Chop because since it hits twice, it gas the same overall power but it can break Subs, Sturdy, Focus Sash, etc. Also, Poison Jab is doing absolutely nothing for this set. Grass is covered by Fire Fang and you should not be staying in on Fairies. Try Stone Edge as that is just a good move and provides EdgeQuake coverage.


Maybe, if you want, replace Roost for Bug Bite. That way you have Bug STAB without having to switch afterwards. Or, use Defog, so you can get rid of SR for Volcarona. I recommend Bug Bite a bit more.


'Scor is one of my favorite Pokémon. But Brick Break has no place on a set of his. Try Defog to get rid of rocks for Volcarona if you don't use it on Sciz. If you do, try Knock Off, as that bothers walls, Ice Fang, as that hits Flying types, Smack Down, to hit Flying-types once and then you can hit them with EQ, or Protect, to Toxic-stall. If you do use Protect, consider replacing Roost for a Sub-Toxic set.


If you want to use Iron Head, try a physical set:

[email protected] Leftovers
EV's: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP
Trait: Serene Grace
Jolly Nature

-Iron Head
-Zen Headbutt

Or, for a Special Serene Grace abuser:

[email protected] Leftovers
EV's: 252 SpAtk, 252 SpDef, 4 HP
Trait: Serene Grace
Calm Nature

-Air Slash
-Dazzling Gleam

This is the set I recommend because ATM you have more Physical attackers than special, not counting Gliscor or Alakazam because they have few attacks and are meant to die quickly, respectively. Air Slash flinches, Flamethrower burns, Dazzling Gleam STAB's and Psychic lowers SpDef.


Replace Fire Blast for Fiery Dance, which can raise your Special Attack. Also, replace Hurricane for Quiver Dance, as that raises all of you relevant stats

Hope I helped!

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Thanks!! I appreciate your time and help. I will run a few changes and see how they do
Alright, great!
In my opinion i wouldnt use outrage over dragon claw or Dual chop becuase it allows them to use a fairy pokemon to switch in on garchomp while its locked into outrage then set up  or kill it on the spot. Fire fang could help you out against ferrothorn but ferro wont be a problem with volcarona so i recomend you use this set. Choice scarfe garchomp also works wonders. If you use scarfed go for adamant nature banded jolly nature. Both sets work the same:

[email protected] band/ Choice scarfe
Evs: 252 attak/252 speed/ 4 hp
Jolly nature
Iron head
Rockslide/stone edge (Comes to down to accuracy or power)

The use of fire blast over fierydance is quite common. At +2 special attack Fire blast OHKO's Pretty much the entire meta-game which doesn't resist it. Use leftovers over life orb.  Volcarona is to physically frail for life orb recoil. Quiver dance is also alot better over hurricane.

This Gliscor set is pretty standard but as Bugcatcher or Infernape burn (sorry two usernames came up)
Defog is deffenitly neccesary this gen with all the hazards we have to deal with. Try this maybe:
[email protected] orb
Toxic heal
252hp/232 def/32sp def
Impish nature
Earthquake/substitue (It depends If youre willing to let him be taunted because without earthquake its taunt bait)
The rest is should be okay. Play around with your team on Showdown or what simulator you use and have fun.