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Hello and welcome, to my first RMT for a long time, and my first ever
Gen 6 RMT for OU (LC and UU will follow suit pretty swift). I'm
working under time constraints, so please ignore ay sloppiness.

This team was originally a RainRoom team consisting of Metagross, Rotom-W, Umbreon, Poli, Mega-Bannette and Torn-T (who seriously needs more love). While the rain worked fine, the room did not, with only one setter and being fairy frail. So, I sacked the room and stuck with rain, replacing Bann with Mega Venusaur for coverage. Mega Venu absoluteness tanked everything ever, trolling so hard against Mamoswine, Charizard out of sun and almost everything else inbetween. Poli likes to Encore Hazard setters into the world of troll or turn set uppers (I guess) into Pokemon with no dignity. Torn-T's hurricane is beyond words, as very few Pokemon without a resist can take one. Offensive Rotom still fail to live more than 2 hits, and Regen stops the Hazards from doing too much. Meta is baws no matter what you do with it. Scarf Rotom, same dealio. Much else?

I'll add a whole team building process but not yet, sorry. Use you're imagination for now.

OK, team then!

enter image description here

Metagross @ Leftovers
Ability: Clear Body
EVs: 220 Def / 252 SDef / 36 Atk
Careful Nature
- Rain Dance
- Stealth Rock
- Iron Head
- Toxic

Metagross was because of Mike, obviously. We were discussing it at length. It's rain setting potential is high, although I may have got the EV spread a little wrong. Less Atk maybe. Normally I calculate how each Pokemon will effect a team's whole and how valid it is compared to another, which may lead to a more synergy-izy outcome, or give the team a new essence. Not today. I picked Meta cos it's baws. The steel gives the good old new tinker bell rip off's a run, and Toxic forces switches from it's opposing walls. It seems to fail against other meta's, especially offensive ones. Psychic typing doesn't help it out much either.

enter image description here

@ Choice Scarf
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd /
4 HP Modest Nature
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Hydro Pump
- Volt Switch

Thing used to be specs with 0 Spd IVs to be an epic TR powerhouse. Fail much? Not much to say other than I repaired the speed and swapped out the specs for a scarf, which I then gave to Torn.

enter image description here

Umbreon @
Ability: Synchronize
- Wish
- Rain Dance
- Heal Bell
- Toxic

I might need to replace this guy. I was thinking of putting in an offensive Dark type, maybe Bisharp, because with how much bulk I have on this team, I don't think I actually need wish. It's barley done any good plays for me, and the extra weakness doesn't help. Ideas please?

enter image description here


Seriously though. lag machine please.

Venusaur-Mega @ Venusaurite
Ability: Thick Fat
EVs: 252 Def / 252 HP /
4 SAtk Bold Nature
- Giga Drain
- Sludge Bomb
- Hidden Power [Fire]
- Leech Seed

This thing makes actual tanks look like Chelsea Tractors. It's barely even funny. Mega Luke struggles to 2HKO unboosted. Bisharp doesn't do well either. any steel type gets 3 or 2 HKO'd by HP fire out of rain, which isn't exactly a pleasurable outcome. Other than Meta, there's not a lot to take it out. I can even choose to not mega evolve and get the Chlorophyll boost against the poor sods.

I'll finish in answer :P

That Venusar pic...
Bump? Lenub helped a lot but it's always helpful to get multiple ideas and compare them to each other, if anyone else has something to say :P
Please, change the pics. They are nice but it takes forever to load the page.
Yo mama so fat, she resists Fire and Ice moves!
Cough neutral cough
Venu pic too big :O
Need damp rock of something

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enter image description here

Politoed @ Damp Rock
Ability: Drizzle
EVs: 200 SDef / 200 SAtk / 108
HP Calm Nature
- Scald
- Encore
- Toxic
- Ice Beam

This is designed to take more hits than a Russian nuthead on crack. Damp Rock lets the rain pour down harder than normal, giving scald the power boost. Physcial attackers will not like Scald's burn, and Breloom and Jolteon are both 2HKo'd in rain, meaning it can defend it self. Toxic adds to the stall bulk effect, and Ice beam rounds of coverage, though I might replace for Protect.

enter image description here

Tornadus-Therian (M) @ Choice Specs
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 Atk Hasty Nature
- Hurricane
- Focus Blast
- U-turn
- Heat Wave
Please, please, please, USE THIS THING GOD DAMMIT. It will not disappoint if you use it correctly. It's hurricane gives bad memories to the people of the Philippians (Sorry to anyone out there, even now I know it's rough) (Yes I know that was random, shut it :p). U-Turn gives the regen boost that allows use to make SR useless to me. Specs is so beast for this beast-mon.

I'm sorry I got lazy as i went on, I'm not very good at RMTs, I swear this team is better than I explained it to be.

Good things:

  • The teams structure is standard, but performs erratically. This means it suits my style greatly, as I can force misplays fairly often
  • Metagross is baws
  • Torn is baws
  • Rain is still baws

Bad things:

  • Despite being a bulky team, it still doesn't last as long as I'd like it too

  • Stuck for roles and descions

  • I sak

  • Once saks

Thank you for reading, I wish you a good day my friends :3, I'll finish this up another time

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Use smaller pictures and make this one question.
MCharY/X for days (Rotom=Dead)
MPinsir for days (Rotom=Dead)
Bisharp for days (Poli=??)
Talonflame for days (Rotom=Weak)
Aegislash for a few hours (MVenu=Dead ; Poli=Dead)
Latios for an hour (Umbreon=Dead ; Meta=Dead ; Rotom=Dead/Weak)

These, in order, describe a decent quantity of threats to your team. Although I believe you can stop CharY easier than MPinsir, MCharX makes Pinsir look like a little beach. Pinsir is only stopped by Rotom-W, and can even kill it if it predicts a switch (Mold Breaker EQ/+2 Return), granted that it is not MEvolved. Nothing on your team appreciates a Bisharp, and MVenu hates a boosted Bisharp, and wont kill it if it's in the Rain. (HP fire weakened) Talonflame wrecks your whole team, and rotom isn't even a counter if it is at 40% or lower. Aegislash dents the team, but not so seriously. Same for Latios.
Cheers Lenub, I'll get to work on it soon.

I would make it one question Ninja, but it just nudges over 8000. It's not just finished yet, I've got more to put in that would bring in way more than 8000, so it's just easier to keep it like this until I finish.

Also, people have used larger ppictures before. Im not getting any lag and so far no one else has complained, so any lag is prolly at you're end xD.
Didn't even notice the r00dness my first read qq
Make it one Q.