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Battle Tower/Fire Red
First question I ever posted yet! So, I'm new to this "competitive battling", so I'm not sure what makes a good team.... I want mostly sweepers and offensive attackers.(I'm not sure about my pokemons' nature and ability, due to me only able to play during Saturdays.)
Here is my current team:

enter image description here
Jolteon @ quick claw
Ability: Volt Absorb
EVs: SAtk / Spd
??? Nature
- Quick Attack
- Thunder
- Thunderbolt
- Shock Wave

enter image description here
Tyranitar @ leftovers
Ability: Sand Stream
EVs: Atk
??? Nature
- Crunch
- Rock Slide
- Earthquake
- Thrash

enter image description here
Gengar @ leftovers
Ability: Levitate
EVs: SAtk
??? Nature
- Hypnosis
- Dream Eater
- Nightmare
- Shadow Ball

enter image description here
Arcanine @ charcoal
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: Spd / SAtk
??? Nature
- ExtremeSpeed
- Fire Blast
- Flamethrower
- Overheat

enter image description here
Dragonite @ mystic water
Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: Atk
??? Nature
- Ice Beam
- Surf
- Dragon Claw
- Fly

enter image description here
Rhydon @ ???
Ability: ???
EVs: Atk
??? Nature
- Megahorn
- Horn Drill
- Thunderbolt
- Cut

That's it! Thanks for looking!

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Cut is not a good move. Rhydon can be so much better if you replaced cut with rock slide or something.

As for HMs, just have a HM whore or something that you pump HMs into.
Hang on, this is 3rd gen right? In 3rd gen you have to pay attention to which types are special or physical.

So that Crunch on TTar, it's not gonna do much damage.

And why are you using Horn Drill... :D
Yes, it is 3rd gen.
I use Gengar for psychic or other ghost pokemon pokemon, but if that fails I plan on using T-tar because it is the only pokemon I have that learns at least a decent good dark move and can be spared. And for horndrill I use it just in case I need to quickly kill an annoying defensive opponent.

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Hello, sorry if this comes off overly critical, and if it's a bit too late, anyway here goes:
For jolteon, i would give it leftovers as opposed to quick claw, jolteon is fast enough that it out speeds most things anyway, and in the rare case that you do run into something that out speeds it, that extra 20% chance to out speed isn't really reliable. leftovers provides passive recovery which is always helpful. as far as the move set goes, you don't need three electric type attacks, one is enough. i would chose thunderbolt due to its accuracy and power. i would also get rid of quick attack as jolteon has a terrible attack stat, and again it already outspeeds everything anyway. Instead, i would give it substitute, and baton pass. this allows you to baton pass substitutes to your very powerful physical attackers, rhydon and tyranitar, allowing them to come in without being harmed, and potentially get two turns to attack. for the final move, if you can i would use hidden power grass to hit swampert, however if that is not available to you, i would use roar to phaze out enemy phazers before they can phaze you. as far as evs and nature, i would max special attack and speed with a timid nature.

For tyranitar, rockslide and earthquake are fine, however crunch is pretty useless on a physical set, and thrash is useless in general. to replace these moves, you have two options, you can make the tyranitar a choice band variant, which would hit extremely hard, or a dragon dance variant which can sweep. for the choice band variant the two moves i would recomend are focus punch, and hidden power bug, however if this is unavailable, double edge can replace hp bug. for the dragon dance variant, keep leftovers as the item, and give it dragon dance, and hidden power bug/double edge. EVs for the dragon dancer should be max attack, at least 168 speed, with the rest in HP, for the choice bander i would go max attack, max hp. both with an adamant nature. keep

For the gengar set i would keep hypnosis but get rid of everything else. dream eater and nightmare only work if the opponent is asleep, and hypnosis has very unreliable accuracy, and of course the opponent can just switch. Shadow ball is physical this gen, so won't be doing much to anything. instead i would give it thunderbolt, ice punch, and giga drain. between these three moves you can hit a ton of pokemon super effectively, and only magneton resists. For evs, i would max special attack and speed with a timid nature. again the item should be leftovers.

Arcanine doesn't really do anything for this team, so i would probably replace it with a bulky water type such as vaporeon to help against opposing physical sweepers. i would max HP and defense with a bold nature and give it the following moves: wish, protect, surf, and ice beam. wish can be used to heal the rest of your team as well as vaporeon. leftovers will make a good item here. If you're intent on keeping arcanine, I would use the following set: Flamethrower, crunch, extremespeed, and either HP grass, or toxic in the last moveslot depending on whether or not you can get HP grass. for EVs, max Special attack, 72 speed, with the rest in HP. give it intimidate for it's ability, and a modest nature.

Dragonite can make another good physical sweeper with dragon dance. I would use aerial ace, earthquake, dragon dance, and either brick break to hit tyranitar and blissey hard, or thunder to hit skarmory. I would max attack, give it 104 speed, and the rest in HP with an adamant nature. again leftovers are fine here.

Rhydon i would definitely give choice band, the move set is pretty much universal, Earthquake, rockslide/rock blast, megahorn, double edge. The ability should be rock head, so that double edge does not deal recoil damage. This thing is slow, and not super great defensively, but hits like a truck. I would give it 128 speed, max attack, and rest in HP with an adamant nature.

Sorry for the long post, hope it helps, and if you are allowed to use this where you play, I would use Ciro's pokemon maker to get all the movesets, pokemon, and IVs you need. just don't use it to get illegitimate pokemon, because no one likes that :p Here is a link that explains where you can download it and how to use it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGvM65EbLJA

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It is a bit late, but thanks. I can get the hidden power, but I can't get two earthquakes. For the moveset for jolteon, I tend to give it all electric type attacks except one, so I can sweep then switch out when there is something Jolteon can not go against. That is also why I give it a quick claw, so Joltean can take out at least two pokemon before switching out. And I don't really like using cheats....
Alright yeah i thought maybe that might be an issue, if you do end up getting into competitive battling though, i would seriously consider using Ciro's because breeding for IVs to get the right hidden power is downright impossible without it, and as long as you don't use it to get illegitimate pokemon, it doesn't really show anything poor about your skill, just your ability to grind for hours, so people are usually fine with it. Anyway though, your team your choice! good luck