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Ok. So as I said I’m new to competitive battling. I have gotten lucky with some Pokémon in x and y like aegislash, but other than that I am really bad at this sort of thing. I tried to put together a team of Pokémon I like and used sites like smogon, db, and the Pokémon of the week from serebii and some of it is good but most of it is bad.

Vaporeon (Koi Koi) Water
Ability: Water Absorb
Nature: bold
Moves: Ice beam, scald, wish, protect
Ev:8 speed, 252 defence, 250 HP

Chandelure fire/ghost
Ability: infiltrator
Nature: modest
Moves: flamethrower, shadow ball, energy ball, substitute
Ev: 252 speed, 252 special attack, 4 hp

Mega charizard (cinder) fire/ flying
Ability: drought
Nature: timid
Moves: flamethrower, solar beam, focus blast, air slash
Ev: 252 speed, 12 special defense, 4 hp, 240 special attack

Aegislash ghost/ steel
Ability: stance change
Nature: adamant
Moves: shadow claw, swords dance, kings shield, sacred sword
Ev: don’t recall but they are spread between special defense, defense, and attack

Togekiss (angel), fairy/ flying, kings rock
Ability: serene grace
Nature: calm
Moves: roost, air slash, fire blast, thunder wave
Ev:252 HP, 252 special defenses, 4 special attack

Roserade (Cantarella) , Poison/Grass, silk scarf
Ability: poison point
Nature: modest
Moves: sludge bomb, weather ball, energy ball/ solar beam, rain dance
Ev: 252 special attack, 252 special defense, 4 speed

not a lot of people battle near me so I wind up using the online and lose a lot. I would love some help and if any one would be willing to battle agents me and tell me what I'm doing wrong please message me. thank you for your time I appreciate any response.

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First, please include the items for your other pokemon.
Next, is this for singles? doubles? triples?

I'm assuming this is singles and wifi (where you pick 3 from a team of 6 to do battle).

1. We probably wouldn't know what you're doing wrong unless we watch you play a couple of battles. So below are just generic tips.
2. Pay attention to team preview, and make sure to put in pokemon that will counter what you think your opponent will be sending out.
3. This looks like you can have a "sun team group" and a "water team group" since I don't expect you to send out your other Pokemon (the guys that dislike sun, like Aegislash and Vaporeon) at the same time as the "sun team". On paper, it seems like a good idea, but I can see the following quirks:
a. Your Roserade seems slow and probably will eat a fire attack first before you can use that weather ball.
b. Aegislash is real slow, it usually has Shadow Sneak to make up for it, or have one last attack after it stance changes in the previous turn. Aegislash users usually run a mixed set and Shadow Ball over Shadow Claw. (This is a swords dance set though, so it's fine.)
c. I like your Chandelure to counter Mega Kangaskhan.
d. For Togekiss, the addition of a King's Rock doesn't actually increase the flinch chance by much more after Serene Grace. Why not Leftovers to make it really tough to beat?

Anyway, before you go on and remake your teams, I would like to introduce you to the world of internet battling simulators. You can use online simulators like Pokemon Showdown and Pokemon Online and use its teambuilder to plan teams before you breed them in the actual game, which saves a lot of time rather than breeding something and finding out it doesn't work.
Actually, on this site, using the battle simulators is preferred xD, but yeah, you do need to specify. If this is a team for battle sims then I can rate sometime this week if not than I am unable too.
Well he said "Not a lot of people battle near me so I wind up using the online and lose a lot." and the tag has xy so I was assuming in-game, singles and nintendo wifi and that's why I'm talking about Mega Kangaskhan. I hope I'm not wrong. Heh heh heh.

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