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Modest nature
Evs 252 sp atk 252 hp 4 def
Shadow ball
Calm mind
Idk this one

Charizard @ charizardite x
Adamant nature
Evs 252 att 252 speed 4 hp
Flame blitz
Dragon claw
Power-up punch
Aerial ace

Adamant nature
Evs 252 att 128 sp def 128 def
Swords dance
Sacred sword
Kings shield
Shadow sneak

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Sylveon seems pretty good. I'd suggest teaching it dig so that you can dodge a certain attack and still be able to hit the next turn. Aegilash if also pretty good, but you might want to change Shadow Sneak to Shadow Claw, but you don't have to if that move is a strategic move. For Charizard, you could change aerial ace to air slash. Try this and maybe it'll work out for you.

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Good Half-Team,I'll just Tie up the loose ends.

Sylveon needs major change.here's the set I have in mind.

[email protected]
Ability:Cute Charm
EV:252 SDef / 252 SpAtk. / 4 Spd.
Shadow Ball

Moonblast is just for STAB (same type attack bonus) Shadow ball and bite for an unsuspected attack and Protect for a little healing time with that leftovers.

Charizard has Charizardite X.You have Y.This can't be done.So here's a common Charizard mega setup.

[email protected] Y
EV: 252 Atk. / 252 Spd. / 4 SpAtk.
Flare blitz
Dragon claw
Dragon dance

Flare blitz is very good STAB here,plus you got Dragon dance to get you all beefy and then Solar beam for unlucky water types and Dragon claw for dragon-busting.

All your Aegislash needs is a Weakness policy,Which can be bought at the Battle maison in Kiloude city for 48 Bp.

That's about it,hope this helps.

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Isn't it better is the charizard y mega became all sp attacker