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Ability: Sturdy
Evs Atk Def and Hp equally spread
Impish nature
Brave Bird

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Ability: Chlorophyll
252 SpA 252 SpD 6 HP
Modest nature
Giga Drain
Leech Seed
Sleep Powder

[email protected] Rock
Ability: Drought
252 SpA 252 Spe 6 HP
Modest nature
Solar Beam
Nasty Plot
Confuse Ray/WiIl-o-wisp

Rotom Wash
Ability: Levitate
252 SpA 252 HP 6 Spe
Modest nature
Hydro Pump
Volt Switch

[email protected]
Ability Cursed Body --> Prankster
252 Atk 126 Spe 126 HP
Adamant Nature
Shadow Sneak
Sucker Punch
Destiny Bond

[email protected] Band
Ability Huge Power
252 Atk 252 Spe 6 HP
Adamant nature
Wild Charge
Quick Attack

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Choice Scarf is better than Choice Band on Diggersby.
Venusar i would change the speed evs to def or sp.def to make it more of a wall for rotom i would add either thunder wave reflect or light screen
SpD is an abreviation for special defense.
I think the recovery on your Venusaur is overkill. I'd remove one of Synthesis or Giga Drain or Leech Seed in favor of type coverage.

If you are gonna make your Venusaur as a Mega like the advice below, you can swap out Ninetales for something like Infernape, Victini or Typhlosion as the Drought will hurt you more than help out.

I agree with the choice scarf on Diggersby.

Rotom Wash last move should be Will-O-Wisp or Pain Split.

For Banette, I would replace Snatch with Will-O-Wisp especially if your Rotom will be running Pain Split.

Skarmory's Spikes can be Stealth Rock. Or you can ditch the Roost for Stealth Rock and equip Leftovers.
Instead of wasting EVs on Skarmory's Attack, you may want to consider Toxic or something similar and make him a total staller Pokémon.

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So! Lets get to the answering, shall we?
enter image description here
So, you have Skarmory. Overall, this set looks really annoying and looks like a great staller! Nice! I would throw a Focus Sash on it, just to be safe from those annoying special attackers, and to be almost assured to get at least one hazard in.

enter image description here

Well, now Venusaur comes into the picture. I would actually make this your mega, and not really change much else. As a Mega Evolution, Venusaur gains neutralities to Fire and Ice, making 2 common types not as much of a worry. Because this is a mega, I would most likely go for more of a Toxic stall set. Here...

Venusaur @Venusaurite
Ability: Chlorophyll ---> Thick Fat
252 SpD, 252 Def, 4 SpA
Modest Nature
-Leech Seed/Substitute
-Sludge Bomb/Giga Drain

With this set, you utilize Venusaur to it's full potential. With this new EV spread, your working more on survival then anything. On the turn you mega evolve, it's advised you use Protect to get your mega stats in. Protect can also be used to stall the opponent out. Leech seed is a good tool to use to get more HP, but substitute can minimize the effects of status and you can do the famous SubTect strat, stalling your opponent to death. The choice between Giga and Sludge is a power vs staying power situation.

enter image description here

So, we have ninetails. Ninetails overall is a nice pokemon, and you have a fairly nice set here. I can't think of anything to change. Good going! By the way, I would go with Will-O-Wisp over Confuse ray. More reliable in most situations.

enter image description here

Rotom Wash @Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
252 SpA 252 HP 6 Spe
Modest nature
Hydro Pump
Volt Switch
Pain Split

With leftovers and Pain Split, you will increase the staying power of your Rotom. Thunderbolt and Volt Switch seem a little overdoing it, so I would replace Thunderbolt with Will-O-Wisp to cripple Physical attackers. Other then that, nice!

enter image description here

Without the mega stone, I would drop mega banette in favor of Sableye. Sableye is a wonderful Prankster user, and has a better typing then M-Banette.

Sableye @Leftovers
Ability Prankster (HA)
252 SpD, 252 HP, 6 Def
Careful Nature
- Will-O-Wisp
- Taunt
- Recover
- Foul Play/Night shade

Trust me, Sableye is a lot bulkier then it looks. With the EV spread Sableye effectively stomachs most hits thrown towards it, though I can't assure you you will have fun with fairies with this pokemon. Will-O-Wisp turns you from a Special Wall to a Mixed Wall, while Taunt cripples Blissey and Ferrothorn. Recover increases the staying/stalling power of Sableye. Foul play can be used for that one D-Nite that is going to D-Dance or a Swords Dancer, while Night Shade can be used for consistent damage.

enter image description here

DIGGERSBY DOE. All Shofu references aside, Diggersby isn't the pokemon you really want. Trust me, you will love my little friend named Azumarill.

Azumarill @Sitrus Berry
Ability Huge Power
252 Atk, 252 HP, 6 Spd
Adamant Nature
-Belly Drum
-Aqua Jet
-Play Rough

I think we've learned by the end of this that looks can be deceiving. We just saw a little gem gremlin that can wall a lightning bolt to the face, and now its Azumarills turn. After 1 Belly drum, (which is easy to do with a Sitrus berry, as you will be left with roughly 3/4 of your health, assuming you go first) you can proceed to wreak the enemy team. Aqua Jet, for example, has a chance of OHKOing a Greninja, and is even more powerful then an, say, Infernape Close Combat. Sound terrifying? It is. While most of the time you will be spamming Aqua jet, Play Rough will deal with the occasional Dragon Type and Fighting Type, while Superpower just simply takes out the rest. Trust me when I say this; this is good.

So yeah! I hope you like the team I just made you. Good luck, and happy battling!

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Skarmory has Sturdy, so the Focus Sash is useless.
In addition to the very, very suspect Focus Sash on Skarmory, I don't approve of having Ninetales and Azumarill on the team together. Ninetales should be replaced with another fire type that doesn't have Drought...

Alternate suggestion to Ninetales is Politoed, as rain has good synergy with Azumarill, Rotom-W (who can now run Thunder instead) and helps Venusaur come in against fire types before it's a Mega (no Synthesis though). In case Politoed is chosen instead, Klefki is actually a better choice than Sableye since Klefki can start Rain as well.
Thank you very much for this! I will definately try this out, mikiflyer. The only thing is that rotom and sableye both cannot have leftovers due to item restrictions :/ so i think to have rotom with mystic water/focus sash/leftovers amd have sableye with focus sash/leftovers