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I know I need to make a few changes to my team, but I'd like to keep the EV's the same because I don't want to re-breed them...I will change the Pokemon altogether though(If one of them really isn't needed)! My team is as follows:

Clefable @Leftovers (Calm Nature)
Magic Guard
184 HP / 74 DEF / 252 S.DEF
-Cosmic Power(Defense+Special Defense Raising)
-Toxic(Clefable, while healing and defending, can damage the foe)
-Stored Power(12 Stat Boosts...Enough said)

Slowbro @Leftovers (Modest Nature)[I use leftovers a lot...]
4 HP / 124 DEF / 124 S.DEF / 252 S.ATK
-Scald(Burning foe's +STAB)
-Calm Mind(To Set Up)
-Psyshock(Physical Damage from A Special Attacker +STAB)
-Flamethrower(Covers Grass weakness)

[email protected] Band (Adamant Nature)
Huge Power
252 HP / 252 ATK / 4SPD
- Earthquake(STAB EQ, Never pass it up.)
-U-Turn(Switch into a Pokemon you're foe won't predict)
-Brick Break(Break Screens)
-Quick Attack(STAB+Priority)

Aegislash @Life Orb (Adamant Nature)
Stance Change
252 ATK / 128 DEF / 128 S. DEF
-Swords Dance(He was made to use this move!)
-Sacred Sword(Covers Dark weakness)
-Shadow Sneak(STAB+Priority)
-King's Sheild(Mess with your foe! Strong then sturdy)

Duscl[email protected] (Calm Nature)
252 HP / 16 DEF / 240 S. DEF
-Will-O-Wisp(Burns your foe, and weakens it)
-Pain Split(Heal and do damage at the same time? Yes please!)
-Night Shade(It really can't attack all that well, so a guaranteed 50(or 100) damage is pretty nice)
-Confuse Ray(Makes your foe slightly less likely to attack you)

Azumarill @(I don't have an item yet...)(Adamant Nature)
Huge Power
252 HP / 252 ATK / 4 DEF
-Belly Drum(Maxes Attack and Pulls this set off)
-Aqua Jet(STAB + Priority)
-Play Rough(STAB)
-Ice Punch (Deals with Grass types)

Please feel free to make any suggestions you want!

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I can see some things.
1. Belly Drum Azumarill's usual item is Sitrus Berry.
2. You have a triple ghost/dark weakness.
* replacement suggestions (not replacing all three, assumes swapping 1 or 2 of them)
a. Slowbro -> Milotic, Suicune, Rotom Wash
b. Aegislash -> Bisharp, Lucario, (Mega) Scizor
c. Dusclops -> Sableye, Spiritomb, Porygon-2, Chansey, (Mega) Venusaur

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