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This is the second entry in my Latin and Weather mini-series. Without further ado, here is the team!

Tempestarana (Politoed)@Wet Rock
EV's: 252 SDf, 252 SAk, 4 HP
Trait: Drizzle
Calm Nature

-Ice Beam

With the name of Storm Frog, Politoed is vital to any Rain team. With the Wet Rock increasing the duration of the all-important Drizzle, he is not my lead, that would be Ampharos. Scald is his main STAB under Rain with the Burn chance. Ice Beam is coverage. Toxic allows for stalling. Refresh heals any conditions that may plague him so he may survive slightly longer.

Lux Ovium (Ampharos)@Ampharosite
EV's: 252 SAk, 252 SDf, 4 HP
Trait: Static/Mold Breaker
Modest Nature

-Volt Switch
-Dragon Pulse
-Rain Dance/Hidden Power {WATER}

Ampharos, the Light Sheep. My lead, unless there is a Ground type. Volt Switches into Politoed, guaranteeing that my weather will be set up. Thunder and Dragon Pulse are STAB. Rain Dance would allow me too re-instate the Rain if necessary, and is much easier to get onto him, but HP Water is boosted by Rain. Which should I pick?

GeminaCaudae (Floatzel)@ Choice Band
EV's: 252 Spd, 252 Atk, 4 HP
Trait: Swift Swim
Adamant Nature

-Aqua Jet
-Brick Break

With this spread, Twin Tail Floatzel's Attack reaches the whopping level of 510, and his Speed crosses the 650 line, going up to the lightning-fast 658. Not much will outspeed at that level. However, Aqua Jet is there, just in case. Waterfall is my main STAB, with over 200 power in the rain. Brick Break and Crunch are filler due to the lack of Ice Punch tutor this gen. Power-Up Punch is also worth mentioning, but with Choice Band, it's not the best move.

Aurei Alae (Dragonite)@Weakness Policy
EV's: 252 SAk, 252 Spd, 4 HP
Trait: Multiscale
Modest Nature

-Dragon Pulse

With so far the worst name on this team, Golden Wings, Dragonite is not the worst Pokémon. Hurricane and Thunder are perfectly accurate under a storm cover, with Hurricane also being Same-Type Attack Boosted. Dragon Pulse is secondary STAB. Roost is to return to Multiscale area. Speaking of Multiscale, it allows me to take almost any supereffective hit and get that Weakness Policy boost.

VenenoGelata (Tentacruel)@Black Sludge
EV's: 252 SAk, 252 SDf, 4 HP
Trait: Rain Dish
Calm Nature

-Sludge Bomb
-Toxic/Toxic Spikes
-Rapid Spin

The Poison Jelly is able to stall so effectively with Black Sludge and Rain Dish. Scald has that Burn chance. Sludge Bomb is STAB and Toxic or Toxic Spikes allows for stalling. Rapid Spin clears hazards away. I'm thinking of replacing him for a physical Rapid Spinner/Defogger that does well under Rain, like Crobat.

Arcum Ultima (Vivillon)@ Focus Sash
EV's: 252 Spd, 4 SDf, 252 SAk
Trait: Compoundeyes
Modest Nature

-Sleep Powder
-Stun Spore
-Bug Buzz

This Final Rainbow is better than it seems. With Compoundeyes, his Powder moves' accuracy is boosted to around 98%, I think, and he can cripple the everliving crap out of Pokémon. Hurricane can be spammed under Rain, and Bug Buzz is secondary STAB. Late-game sweeping is easy if she can pull off a Sleep Powder and then spam Hurricane.

The Final Glance:

The Storm Caller
Politoed, the Storm Frog, it's
enter image description here


The Thunder and Lightning
Ampharos, the Light Sheep, it's
enter image description here


The Crashing Wave
Floatzel, the Twin Tails, it's
enter image description here


The Draconic Hurricane
Dragonite, the Golden Wings, it's
enter image description here


The Toxic Tentacles
Tentacruel, the Poison Jelly, it's
enter image description here


The Butterfly Rainbow
Vivillon, the Final Rainbow, it's
enter image description here


Hope you enjoyed and hope you can help! I am also considering Defog Crobat and Dry Skin Toxicroak.

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Tell me what you think of the outro
Your team is rather good all around. I won't be answering. However, get these changes:

Politoed is good.
Mega-Ampharos works best in Rain Trick Room, but yours is good, too. Get Focus Blast > Rain Dance.
Floatzel is good.
Dragonite is rather decent, but a physical Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Waterfall and Superpower is equally viable. Try it out, too.
Tentacruel is good.
And Vivillon shouldn't be using Stun Spore. Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz and Hurricane is the best it can do.

I hope these quick suggestions will help you :)

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