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This is a team that consists of pokemon that are dragon like, they are not all dragon types so dont say i didnt warn you. this is gold/silver here so evs can be maxed out in all stats which is just what im aiming for, & there are no abilities or natures either, life is just simpler that way. This isnt a competitive team, it is just to beat red to pulp & to mess around with in my silver game.

Dragos (Dragonite M) @ Charcoal

big boss of my team
- fire punch
- ice punch
- thunderpunch
- hyper beam

one of my favourite dragons of all time, & one of the only 2 dragon types in this generation too... it is the first of my tribute to status dragonites which has the elemental punches which can inflict status. it has good stats in general, its lowest defence is 95 which is not bad for a sweeper & this also allows hyper beam to be safely used. with its awesome ofencive stats plus the fire/ice/electric combo & a gen 2 hyper beam, it will crush everything in its way

Areon (aerodactyl M) @ ?

Type coverage for ice which most of the other dragons cant quite handle
- Ancient power
- earthquake
- fly
- Hyper beam

one of the best fossil pokemon ever & it has good coverage on ice types since dragonites cant handle ice

Dragonite 1 (M) @ nevermelt ice

My ice punch dragonite
- ice punch
- outrage
- thunder punch
- hyper beam

this is my ice punch dragonite, the first of my dragon punchers

dragonite 2 (M) @ charcoal

my fire punch dragonite
- fire punch
- outrage
- wing attack
- hyper beam

the third of my tribute to status dragonites which has fire punch

Togi (togetic M) @ ?

my super cute angel dragon thing
- safeguard
- fire blast
- metronome
- need help for this one

I love togi because he was the togepi baby & he looks similar to a dragon. He is also good at taking punches


Lugia @ ?

Big boss wall
- aereoblast
- hydro pump
- future sight
- recover

Big time wall with good stats

Gyro (the shiny gyarados from the lake of rage M) @ mystic water

a very powerful physical sweeper
- hydro pump
- hyper beam
- rock smash
- twister

there isnt very much you can do with a gyarados in generation 1 & 2 but with the mystic water power up, the maxing of sp attack & stab, hydro pump will do huge damage. Either way this is one of my favourite pokemon on my team & gyarados is a gigant threat even if it has horrible sp attack

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I know but I'm done with the story. I want to get good Pokemon for exploring caves, training other Pokemon & getting money from the league. This is in game but I'm using it to just have 1 good team like in all of my other games.
It is still an ingame team.
Do you want me to take it down then, I don't mind.
I think it's fine.
your "powerful physichal gyrados" has only 1 physichal move

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