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Hi everyone, hope you are all good at the moment you are reading those words. I recently got back to the Pokémon franchise. I'm hardly looking foward to quickly buy my first Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon X at the same time. Very soon I hope... I'm as well planning to play in a morecompetitive way that I use to play before in the latests versions. Can't wait to do a lot of Wi-Fi battles.

Meanwhile, through waiting for my 3DS, I started playing the Pokémon Online simulator in order to practice myself a little. I begun to create my own Pokémon team, trying to create it as a good competitive ''OO'' party. If it's possible, I would like to know your personals opinions about my beta team please. Thanks in advance to you!

My team:


Name: Electivire (M)
Type: Electric
Nature: Adamant (+Attack/-Special Attack)
Evs: 6 HP/ 252 Attack/ 252 Speed
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Motor Drive


Move One: Cross Chop
Move Two: Earthquake
Move Three: Ice Punch
Move Four: Wild Charge


Name: Venusaur (M)
Type: Plant/ Poison
Nature: Lonely (+Attack/-Defense)
Evs: 4 HP/ 252 Attack/ 252 Special Defense
Item: Miracle Seed
Ability: Overgrow


Move One; Earthquake
Move Two: Syntesis
Move Three: Sleep Powder
Move Four: Petal Blizzard


Name: Delphox (F)
Type: Fire/ Psychic
Nature: Modest (+Special Attack/-Attack)
Evs: 6 HP/ 252 Special Attack/ 252 Special Defense
Item: Charcoal
Ability: Blaze


Move One: Calm Mind
Move Two: Psyshock
Move Three: Hypnosis
Move Four: Fire Blast


Name: Zoroark (M)
Type: Dark
Nature: Modest (+Special Attack/-Attack)
Evs: 6 HP/ 252 Special Attack/ 252 Speed
Item: Black Glasses
Ability: Illusion


Move One: Night Daze
Move Two: Focus Blast
Move Three: Flamethrower
Move Four: Nasty Plot


Name: Aggron/ MegAggron (M)
Type: Steel/ Rock Then become... Steel
Nature: Careful (+Special Defense/-Special Attack)
Evs: 6 HP/ 252 Attack/ 252 Special Defense
Item: Aggronite
Ability: Sturdy


Move One: Earthquake
Move Two: Thunder Wave
Move Three: Iron Head
Move Four: Stone Edge


Name: Lapras (F)
Type: Water/ Ice
Nature: Modest (+Special Attack/-Attack)
Evs: 6 HP/ 252 Defense/ 252 Special Attack
Item: Mystic Water
Ability: Water Absorb


Move One: Surf
Move Two: Ice Beam
Move Three: Thunderbolt
Move Four: Psychic

It's about that for my team wich is style in construction... I'm open to any suggestion or idea concerning some possible changes for my team. Can't wait to read your own opinions about my Pokémons.

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PLANT type? :)

I'm assuming when you say "OO" you are talking about "OU". After all, they probably won't let Venusaur in UU.

Decent team to start off with few shared weaknesses. It's also great you have a lot of type coverage.

I think two sleep moves are overkill if you're playing in Pokemon Online, which usually has sleep clause. You can either temporarily replace:
1. Sleep Powder -> Stun Spore
2. Hypnosis -> Will-O-Wisp

Next, I think Psychic doesn't have too good of a coverage for Lapras. You may try to change it for a support move like Roar or Substitute.

Next, I proposed to change your items to more effective ones.
1. Electivire - Life Orb or Choice Band. Leftovers is good, but I feel Electivire is not strong enough, and needs all the power it can get.
2. Venusaur - Black Sludge. It is fairly tough and can make good use of this.
3. Delphox - Leftovers
4. Zoroark - Life Orb or Focus Sash. Zoroark is also fairly weak and IMO deserving of a Life Orb, but Focus Sash is for when it's exposed.
5. Aggron - Aggronite (what can I do?)
6. Lapras - Leftovers

  • For similar items, when you move on to Wifi in-game battles there's a 1-item limit, you can change one of these Leftovers to Sitrus Berry.

If feel these changes to start with are good enough without a massive overhaul, but I think your team needs more OU material Pokemon. If you want to really cut it loose:
1. Electivire -> Thundurus, Kyurem-Black, Zapdos
2. Venusaur -> Mega Venusaur
3. Delphox -> Alakazam
4. Zoroark -> Bisharp
5. Aggron -> Skarmory
6. Lapras -> Milotic, Suicune, Keldeo

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Hi Malachite,

Thank you so much for having took the time to read and to answer my ''Pokémon'' Team list post. It was really great to read your post.

I'm so sorry, yeah I meant to say ''Over-Used'' by ''OO''. I think I wrote it too fast when I created the post. It's my fault, sorry about that.

It was really helpful and interesting to read your personal opinion about my team in construction. I'm sorry, but I didn't understood well your first line where you wrote this question : ''PLANT type? :)''.

I agree with you on the condition moves, I already changed ''Hypnosis'' to put ''Will-O-Wisp'' on my ''Delphox''. Good idea! I changed the ''Psychic'' move of my ''Lapras well, ''Roar'' and Substitute'' are both pretty good (even if I never had the chance to play with them a lot in the past), but I decided to put ''Signal Beam'' instead of ''Psychic''. I though a Bug move could be nice and useful somewhere in the team.

Your items propositions are pretty good as well, love them. I put ''Black Sludge'' to my ''Venusaur'' right away, it's a good idea. Don't know why I didn't though about that item for him. I fist put ''Leftovers'' to my ''Electivire to help him to gain to life he's loosing while using his ''Wild Charge'' move. Your opinion on why it's better for him to quickly go with the strengt is a nice idea. But I have a question for you, why would you give the ''Leftovers'' to ''Delphox''? I don't mind about it, it's just I want to know if you have a thing behind that.

I really enjoy to read your ''OU'' materials suggestions as well! I like your ideas for that suggestions, but I'm not going to play with Legendaries Pokémon. It's just not my thing, maybe one day but definetely not right now. I prefer to keep my ''Electivre'' and to play with him. Good thing you mentionned ''Milotic'', from the start, I was either putting ''Lapras'' or ''Milotic'' in the team. ''Milotic'' is way better than ''Lapras'' to you?

I'm really surprise and excite that you are proposing me ''Bisharp''. I think I would love to play him. Do you thin he can really be a nice Pokémon in ''OU''? I would also love to play ''Skarmory''! Do you personally think it could be okay to play two Steel Pokémon in the same time at the same time?

I'm sorry for asking, but, what do you personally think about ''Mega Venusaur''?

Thank you so much for all the kind and great help! If you don't mind, I would like to keep going this discusion, if you have the time to answer my others questions for sure. Thank you!  
You're welcome!

I think the Pokemon type is normally called Grass type... unless it's really Plant type by default in other languages.

Delphox has naturally high special defense, so it can use HP recovery very well (though it usually isn't great when physical attacks are involved). Alternate suggestions include Lum Berry, anti-fire Berry or anti-dark Berry (because Sucker Punch is a real pain).

Bisharp is an OU Pokemon, at least on Showdown, not sure about PO. Bisharp is awesome in Gen 6 for the following reasons:
1. Defiant Ability countering Intimidate and Defog.
2. Ghost-type "buff" causing more Ghost types to be played, like Aegislash
3. Knock Off buff, making Bisharp hit really hard.

Mega Venusaur is a very bulky stall tank. I love it.
1. Thick Fat ability removes 2 weaknesses. Now only Psychic and Flying are truly super-effective.
2. Naturally high defenses + recovery moves like Leech Seed, Synthesis and Giga Drain.

As for Electivire, well you don't have to keep him alive for long... it just has to do its job. Its defenses aren't good enough to justify leftovers anyway, in my opinion.

Ok, for Milotic (and Suicune too, it's similar), I was actually looking to reduce the fighting weaknesses in the original team by not suggesting Lapras. I also prefer Toxic stall over the type coverage that Lapras provides. You can actually keep Lapras in the "OU" suggestion team, since after my suggestions you will have only 1 fighting weakness.

To replace the legends I suggested for Electivire:
1. The best non-legend viable Electric type attacker right now is Mega Manectric. (But I'm already suggesting Mega Venusaur.)
2. Hidden Power Fire Magnezone is also great for trapping Forretress, Ferrothorn, Scizor and Skarmory (but not Heatran).
3. Infernape is an OK Electivire replacement and would go Thunder Punch, Flare Blitz, Stone Edge, Close Combat for coverage along with support moves like Fake Out, U-Turn or Stealth Rock.