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This is a competitive duo of gothitelle & reuniclus I don't want people saying "get a better team they are both the same type" because this is just a fun thing to do for me, & it is just for the sake of celebrating the morti twins' birthday (don't ask).

Gothitalia (gothitelle) (F) @ light clay
EVs- 104 hp/252 defence/152 sp defence
Nature- calm
Ability- frisk
- light screen
- reflect
- toxic
- shadow ball

Gothitrina (reuniclus) (F) @ life orb
EVs- 252 hp/252 sp attack/4 sp defence
Nature - calm
Ability- magic guard
- trick room
- shadow ball
- psychic
- focus blast

If you really want to know what the morti twins are, comment below &/or answer this question.

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Who are the morti twins ??

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