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Help me figure out what to use, suggestions for moves,team members, and items are stronglyencouraged.

Tyranitar: Adamant-(Sand Stream)-Leftovers
Stone Edge
Aerial Ace

Skarmory: Jolly-(Sturdy)-Rocky Helmet
Stealth Rock

(Mega)Garchomp: Jolly-(Sand Force)Garchompite
Swords Dance
Brick break

Alakazam: Modest-(Magic Guard)-Life Orb
Energy Ball
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast

Stoutland: Adamant-(Sand Rush)-Choice Band
Wild Charge
Play Rough
Fire/Ice/Thunder Fang

(Suggest last team member)

Stoutland should have retaliate, and play rough and thunder and ice fang wild charge is not a good move.

I suggest Shuckle for your last member
Interesting, thank you! Any changes you would make to the team like movesets or items?
EVs please
Ok ill be sure to let you know tommorow, i gtg. ttyl tazzie.
What about Bastiodon?  You only have 1 staller and Bastiodon's typing gives you neutral damage towards fire.

You don't have preparation for someone setting up against you, and Bastiodon is perfect for learning taunt. While they attack against your massive Sp. Def and Defense, you can set up w/ another toxic or Iron Defense. You can also teach him rest or roar for added annoyance.

The typing of your team makes stealth rock and toxic spikes less of a problem, so you don't really need a rapid spinner.
bastiodon will make your fighting weakness through the roof. give skarmory defog if you have t-spikes problems

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Not bad, but these changes may help you getting better.


Mega-Garchomp is horrible without support so we will have Tyranitar you Mega.

Mega-Tyranitar @ Tyranitarrite:
Trait: Sand Stream
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 Def
Adamant Nature

  • Stealth Rock
  • Stone Edge
  • Crunch
  • Earthquake


Nature, please. It is Impish, not Jolly. Jolly is bad for Skarmory.
Brave Bird or Defog > Toxic, and have it get this spread:
252 HP / 240 Def / 12 Speed.


EV Spread should be: 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 SAtk, with Naive Nature.
Fire Blast > Brick Break as well.


Timid, please. And Dazzling Gleam > Energy Ball but this is optional and down to preference.



Terrakion @ Choice Band:
Trait: Justified
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature

  • Close Combat
  • Stone Edge
  • Earthquake
  • X-Scissor

Last one: Landorus

Landorus @ Leftovers:
Trait: Sand Force
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Speed / 4 SDef
Modest Nature

  • Earth Power
  • Grass Knot
  • Focus Blast
  • Extrasensory

I hope this helps.

~ Sincerely yours, Blitz.

interesting, suggestive. but you do realize stoutland isnt worthless and has helped many teams as shown by people like Pimpnite and Shofu from youtube. Also, not everyone has Terrakions and Landoruses coming out of there you know whats.
Dude, you didn't put in your metagame, so we are OK to assume this is for a simulator where you can just input legends that are needed for teams.
Malachite said it all. If it is Wi-Fi, then do that:

Keep Stoutland, but Jolly > Adamant. It wouldn't be reasonable to leave it like that, with no Speed investment.
EV spread should be 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 SDef.
And I recommend Return, Ice Fang, Superpower and Crunch or Wild Charge, down to preference.

If you cannot afford Landorus, you can afford Gastrodon, at least (I hope so...).

Gastrodon @ Leftovers:
Trait: Storm Rain
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
Bold Nature

~ Toxic
~ Scald
~ Recover
~ Earth Power / Earthquake (down to preference)

Stoutland is not worthless but is inferior to Terrakion in almost any way.