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1) Ferrothorn @ Rocky Helmet
Role: Hazard Setter/Physical Attacker
EVs - 252/128/124/0/0/0
Ability - Iron Barbs
Nature - Brave

-Gyro Ball
-Thunder Wave
-Power Whip
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2) Chandelure @ Choice Scarf
Role: Special Scarf
EVs - 4/0/0/252/0/252
Ability - Infiltrator
Nature - Timid

-Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball
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3) Aegislash @ Shell Bell
Role: Physical Tank
EVs - 252/252/4/0/0/0
Ability - Stance Change
Nature - Adamant

-Sacred Sword
-Shadow Sneak
-King's Shield
-Swords Dance
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4) Greninja @ Expert Belt
Role: Fast Physical Sweeper
EVs - 4/252/0/0/0/252
Ability - Protean
Nature - Jolly

-Rock Slide
-Night Slash
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5) Togekiss @ Leftovers
Role: Special Tank
EVs - 252/0/4/0/252/0
Ability - Serene Grace
Nature - Calm

-Thunder Wave
-Air Slash
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6) Porygon2 @ Eviolite
Role: Mixed Wall
EVs - 252/0/32/0/224/0
Ability - Trace
Nature - Calm

-Ice Beam

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u-turn on greninja, but I would honestly rather make it mixed
Make Aegislash Brave
hey its good but u should put u -turn on the protean greninja
I don't want the speed decrease. It will help me outspeed other Aegis when I am +4 attack and will enable me to KO them before they do
Give ferro stealth rock instead of t-wave, it is really only lowering the power of gyro ball. Give chandelure flash fire so that a fire type move thrown at ferro can be switched into chandy also does it need timid?
Discharge>Thunderbolt. You have a better chance of Paralyzing. Also, I would go for Tri Attack instead of  Ice Beam.

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