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For the record, I'm not sure if I should post my pokemon's EVs for NU team and if I should, I am afraid I don't have them yet because I'm still in training. So anyway, I really don't know much about RMT and I would appreciate if you took a little pity on me if I ask it wrong.The EVs are my current evs,so they will be improved. So here's my team (in training):

[email protected] Flame Plate/ Fire Gem
Trait: Flame Body
Timid nature (+Sp.Atk, - Atk)
-Sunny Day
-Solar Beam/ Hidden Power (grass)
-Heat Wave
-Hurricane/quiver dance

Volcarona is my lead because it starts off my combo by (don't tell anybody) Sunny Day, then solar beam/Heat wave. If heat wave, it would become a really effective move with fire boost x sunny day x power x flame plate/fire gem= a super powerful combo.

[email protected] Heat Rock
Trait: Flash Fire
Modest Nature(+Sp.Atk, -Sp Def)
-Solar Beam
-Sunny Day
-Fire Blast

In double battle, his speed is slightly higher than Volcarona's speed so Sunny Day is well, sunny so I can start off with a powerful hit (and hopefully a k-o)

[email protected]
Trait: Levitate
Quite Nature (+Sp. Atk, -Spe)
-Grass Knot

This guy has no weakness, so I tried to give it a wide set of moves to try, but I believe it would classify as a sweeper.

[email protected] Helmet

Trait: Static
Naive Nature (+Sp. Def, -Spe)
Stone Edge

Just another good PKMN that I believe would classify as a sweeper.

[email protected] Absorb Bulb
Trait: Water Absorb
Rash Nature (+Sp. Atk, -Sp. Def)
-Solar Beam
-Poison Jab
-Aerial Ace
-Sucker Punch

This guy is partnered with Jellicent. The combo is Jellicent uses Surf and not only attacks-it restores Maractus hp and raises its def. and sp.def. (I think its the defences)

And the long awaited,

Jellicent (male)@ Damp Rock
Trait: Cursed Body
Lax Nature (+Def, -Atk)
-Rain Dance
-Water Spout
-Ice Beam

Good for my Maractus combo, surf is my secret weapon.

Thanks for helping me (if you do). Sorry its not completed-but they're not fully trained. Sorry that their pure power, I really don't think much of stat-raising move (unless they're part of the awesome move). And sorry I don't know the natures and evs, but can I ask you to please not down-vote it or hide it? (It would mean A LOT to me if I could get this team in (pretty) perfect condition. So anyway, thanks for helping me!

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You have to know natures and EVs/Stats/Roles. Sorry but I must flag. (If I could XD)
Give me 5 mins and I'll have current natures and evs
can you give the EVs number like 252 S.Atk
This team isn't NU by any tier (I assume, I have no knowledge of the smogon and PO tiers, but I assume they wouldn't be this messed up). Volcarona and Jellicent are in no way NU.
Cleaned it up and added sprites.
I wasn't quite sure how, but THANKS! It looks awesome. And there still in training-so I don't have final evs.

P.S. Its NU (never used) because I never used it.
You don't normally go by your own tiers type into google tiers or look at this websites tier by checking meta it's listed as usefull questions

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First of all you could add evs that you've planned
First off timid is plus speed
Swap quiver dance for sunny day (I've noticed your teams a sunny day team but quiver dance works better)
Use 4atk 252spatk 252speed mild @life orb or leftovers (your items only power 1 move)
Hurricane solar beem quiver dance flamethrower

152hp 104def 252spatk
Keep sunny day but loose fire blast and don't give it heat rock give it leftovers

Try and make it a mixed sweeper because all of your pok emonn have spatk so use
Rock slide. Coil. Grass knot. Charge been
104hp 151atk 252spatk @life orb or leftovers
Coil boosts Atk def and acc
Grass knot covers ground or rock Pokemon with mild breaker
Charge beam does have 50 power but has a high chance of raising spatk plus gets stab
Rock slide takes out pesky fire and bugs

I've never used one so I do t have much advice but don't use two electric get rid of thunder

Good strategy with jellicent don't use rash though if 3 of your moves are psychical

Does work well with marticus but is terrible in sun team because water mOves are halfed
Chang rain dance to shadow ball and water spout to calm mind maybe

Hope this helps but you will need to put evs in

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Thanks! There still in training, so I don't have the final results.